Wednesday, November 2, 2011

new lipstick releases, part one: YSL

I thought these beauties deserved their own post, since I haven't seen much of them on the web yet, and my BLF (best lipstick fiend/friend) Rachel (makeupneversleeps) and I have been going crazy over them!

  • YSL Rouge Pur Couture #37 Rose Deesse
  • YSL Rouge Pur Couture #38 Rose Aphrodite
  • YSL Rouge Pur Couture Golden Lustre #109 Corail D'Or
swatched in the same order

Rouge Pur Couture #37 Rose Deesse

Rouge Pur Couture #38 Rose Aphrodite

Rouge Pur Couture Golden Lustre #109 Corail D'Or

Rose Deessee (which SUCKS to spell, btw!) and Rose Aphrodite have the same pearly finish as #24 Blond Ingenu and #26 Rose Libertine, which were released in the spring. I've dubbed these shades "Tea Rose with shimmer" and "Romantic Pink with shimmer" referring to two of my favorite shades from the discontinued Rouge Pur line. I'm still waiting for a Tea Rose dupe without shimmer, as cream finishes are my favorite - especially in the Rouge Pur Couture line.  Either way, these are really beautiful shades. These are just new holiday additions to the Rouge Pur Couture line, while Corail D'Or is part of YSL's new lipstick range, Rouge Pur Couture Golden Lustre, which is also a holiday release.

Corail D'Or, oddly enough, is NOT pearly - as you might expect it to be, from the "Golden Lustre" name. It definitely has a golden lustre effect, though. It's sheerer than the standard Rouge Pur Coutures, but it has a nice sparkle and glow to it.  Very pretty.  The other shades I looked at on the counter from the Golden Lustre range were reeeeally not me (lots of browns!), so I passed. This one seemed the most wearable.

These are all permanent shades as far as I know.

The aforementioned Rachel just did a fabulous tutorial using Rose Aphrodite on her lips. If you're interested, you can watch it here:

And please subscribe to her videos if you don't already - she's amaaaazing. :)

Thanks for reading!

<3 Jess

(BTW, part two will be up in a day or two -- about Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters, of course!)


  1. All three color look lovely on you! May have to go check these out for myself. :]

  2. I seriously need to try YSL lipsticks! They look sooo pretty!

  3. I couldn't recommend a lipstick brand more! For drugstore, Revlon, but high-end, it's YSL all the way!

  4. Whoaaa Rachel has amazing bone structure!

  5. OMG, you and Rachel and seriously making me want to try one of these bad boys! I already have too many lippies, but I love all the rave reviews sooo much! <3

  6. I've been looking into a dark red shade from this range and I love the consistency but by god they are so expensive! Glad to hear they are good :)

  7. BLFs!! Love it, love it. They al look perfect on you (as always). And, I can't tell you how like..warm/fuzzy/flattered/giddy I was to read/see the crazy nice shout out. It totally made my day! :D Meanwhile, RPC 109 looks magnanimous standing next to the other two. I need it. I need Neiman's to put the Goldens up STAT. <33 xxx

  8. Love these!
    I have the RV Perles in 107 and 108, do you think the Rouge Pur Coutures are too similar? I am trying to be good : )

  9. These are phenomenal! You and Rachel are seriously enablers in every good way :)

  10. où trouver la teinte "rose déesse" car jle vois sur aucuns sites type sepho ou nocibé??? merci d'avance !

  11. I don't speak French, but if you're asking where to purchase these, I found them on :)