Monday, October 17, 2011

what i wore this weekend (on my face, body, & nails)

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I've probably mentioned it before, but my weekend is actually Sunday and Monday, so mine's just wrapping up! I'm happy to report that my weekend went pretty much without a hitch. I did my usual routine of shopping, kitty snuggling, and catching up on my DV-R (I also had a little Disney movie marathon last night!). Nothing all that exciting, but that's how I roll, my friends. :)

I actually set out with a plan for my makeup looks this weekend. I wanted to wear:

1) my new YSL Volupte Sheer Candy shades, because they are amaaahzing (as Penny from Happy Endings - which no one but me and Elise from Blush is the New Black watch, apparently! - would say) and I wanted to show them in action. :)

2) items from the Sephora-exclusive bareMinerals Putting on the Glitz set. I picked it up Saturday with a gift card I was too excited to wait until next week to use! I'm so impatient. :\ Anyways, I'm going to do a separate post with swatches and product photos, too.  I think a lot of you ladies would LOVE this set, and might want to check it out during Sephora's Friends & Family sale (Oct. 20 - Nov. 2, I believe). I'm not usually a big fan of bareMinerals products, but this set has totally won me over.

Anyways, let's get on with it!


Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation
YSL Touche Eclat (use it every day, but always forget to list it here!)
YSL pressed powder
Chanel Tweed Brun Rose blush
bareMinerals Luxe Radiance (as highlight)


bareMinerals Glamtastic e/s
MAC Cross-Cultural e/s
LORAC Front of the Line Pro
MAC I Get No Kick eye kohl
Maybelline Define-a-Brow
YSL Faux Cils Shocking mascara (sample)
FairyDrops Scandal Queen mascara (bottom lashes)


YSL Volupte Sheer Candy #10 Tangy Mandarina

*note Sammy getting into mischief!

DRESS: Macy's
LEGGINGS: New York & Co.
BAG: Aldo
WATCH: Michael Kors
NECKLACE: Charming Charlie
FLATS (not shown): Gianni Bini (basic black ballet flats)
SCENT: Betsey Johnson Too Too

I was inspired by Laura @ Buy Now, Blog Later to include what scent I wore - fun idea!


Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation
YSL Touche Eclat
YSL pressed powder
Love & Beauty (Forever21) cream cheek blush in Coral 
(this blush was only $1.50 and is AMAZING! There's a baby pink, too, which DUH, I also picked up - if you like cream blushes, you need to try these!)
bareMinerals Luxe Radiance (highlight)


bareMinerals Prime Time Primer Shadow in Toasted Almond
bareMinerals Glitz e/s
Essence Metropolitan e/s
MAC Sand & Sun e/s
bareMinerals Round the Clock waterproof eyeliner in 5 PM
Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Amethyst
MAC I Get No Kick eye kohl in inner corners
(every time I type that I start to write "Eye Get No Kick"!)
Maybelline Define-a-Brow
bareMinerals Flawless Definition Volumizing mascara


YSL Volupte Sheer Candy #9 Cool Guava


TEE: Old Navy
SHORTS (I switched into jeans!): Target
SCARF: Missoni for Target*
BAG: Aldo
SCENT: Lush Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead was an LE Lush forum release fragrance that I bought (a year ago?) per Muse's recommendation. I've yet to try Lady Catrina soap, but I hear they have the same scent.  To me it smells like a sweet fruity soap (hard to describe!). I don't wear it often (I don't want to run out!), but I looooove it. <3 It's more a fun, summer scent, but being that it's still in the 80's here, I'm going with it!

*Mouse-oni for Target?

NAILS: Essie Licorice w/OPI Spark-tacular top coat

Also wanted to show you my new loves, which were featured in the FOTDs above (I posted about Volupte Sheer Candy #9 here). I couldn't wait to share! :)

YSL Volupte Sheer Candy #10 Tangy Mandarina

bareMinerals Putting on the Glitz set

Like I said earlier, I'm going to post product photos and swatches in a separate post (should be up tomorrow) - I've already got too much going on in this one! I also think it deserves its own post, 'cause it's just that awesome.

And blah blah blah, that is all!

Or is it?

(it looks like they're wrestling, but Sammy was actually cleaning Mouse's head - too cute)

Okay, now that's all! ;)

Thanks as always for reading!

<3 Jess


  1. LOVE the nail combo! Also, the scarf+kitty combo! So cute. ;)
    All of your FOTDs are always so gorg! You always look fresh and glowy!

  2. Oh, $1.50 for that pretty blush!? Sold!

  3. Thanks Danielle! My skin's been dry lately (I've been using Effaclar Duo since I had a bad breakout last month - that stuff really works, but it is drying), so I really appreciate that "glowy" comment! haha

    Romz - You really can't go wrong with that price tag!! And it's worth way more (and so is the pink!). I'm going to post more on them soon. :)

  4. thats a F21 1.50 blush????? whoa looks amazing on u!!! also loving the luxe highlighter from BE!!

  5. You look gorgeous as always! That set does look really nice..I completely forgot how much I loved Bare Minerals pretty amazing lipstick. That last pic of the kitties is way too cute

  6. I LOVE that picture of the kitties! Also love the whole outfit with the new sweater dress (cute purse!)and the glittery nail polish. So many pretties!

  7. Um can you come over and glam me up?!

  8. gorgeous as usual! I love the way the bourgeois foundation looks on you! Your skin is FLAWLESS!!!

  9. THAT NAIL COMBO IS DIVINE. I need to paint my nails black with a glitter top coat pronto!

    ♥ Jessica

  10. Hey Jessica, I just cracked open Jingle G (couldn't resist) and it smells like a "fruity oriental" as described. It's light but has a non-candy fruit scent with some spice and vanilla, kind of how you'd want a fruit cake to smell, I guess? It's festive but delicate, I'm really liking it! I think it's perfect for a cozy family holiday party where everybody's wearing matching sweaters, lol!

  11. Thanks for the update, Sarah - that sounds great! I definitely want it now! :)

  12. Hey Jessica,

    I also have Volupte Sheer Candy in Cool Guava.
    Only on my lips it's more like a hot pink. Also nice.
    But I like the color on your lips better ; ). More a nudepink.
    So... do you use something else (e.g. concealer) on your lips to get this color?

    Thx :)

    1. Hi Lisa! When my lips are redder, it goes brighter on me, too. I often apply foundation (lightly) or dab a pen concealer (I use YSL or Clinique's, but Maybelline and L'Oreal have released ones, too) on my lips and then blend with my finger before I apply any lip product. I feel like it tones down brighter colors nicely! I'm not sure if I did that for these particular photos, but either way I think that it might help you get the color you want. Hope that was helpful!