Thursday, November 10, 2011

LUSH colour supplement: first impression review

The other day I purchased the Lush Colour Supplement in the shade Light Yellow.  The Colour Supplement range is Lush's version of foundation.  It comes in three shades as of now:  Jackie Oates (for very fair, porcelain skin with pink undertones - they recommend this shade for natural redheads), Light Pink (for fair skin with pink undertones), Light Yellow (for light/medium skin with yellow undertones), and Dark Yellow for medium/dark skin with yellow or olive undertones), and Dark Pink (for dark skin with pink undertones).  Yes, only five shades. However, I do think the five shades they have will work for a lot of skin shades, so you might want to test it out in-store if you can. You might be surprised! I was shade-matched to Light Yellow, and it is definitely the perfect shade for me.

It retails for $15.95 or 7.95 GBP for 0.7 oz (the standard foundation is 1 oz). Though it contains less product than most foundations, I think the price reflects that and is very reasonable, a bit more pricey than a drugstore foundation, but loads cheaper than a department store brand.

I did a swatch comparison with other foundations that are perfect shade matches for my skin:

Lush Colour Supplement in Light Yellow, Bourjois Healthy Mix in 51, Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in B10, NARS Sheer Glow in Mont Blanc

Okay, so this is my totally bare face...

And with the Lush Colour Supplement (applied with Sephora 55 brush)...

(foundation-only photos are scary!!)

It gives very nice, dewy medium to full coverage.  However, it can be sheered out if you mix it with your moisturizer.  I find this works best set with powder in the t-zone, as it did get oily for me about 4-5 hours in.  I don't consider this a negative really, because almost every foundation I've ever used does this.  If no oil shows on your skin, that's probably a bad thing!

I had to work quickly with this foundation, as it sets almost instantly. This is why I found a brush works best to apply (I prefer a method that is probably NOT the most sanitary - gently dipping my brush in the tub!). When I tried using my fingers the finish wasn't as smooth, and it was harder to blend. The brush gave an even, smooth application that made my skin look flawless.

I don't notice any potent smell or fragrance - if anything, it smells a bit like Lush's Fresh Farmacy cleanser (which smells like chamomile), but honestly, I didn't notice a scent at all throughout the day. 

Here's what it looks like after applying my Dior Aurora in the t-zone, L'Oreal Watchful Owl's Gaze blush, Benefit Watt's Up highlighter, Maybelline Lots of Lashes mascara, and YSL Volupte Sheer Candy in #10.

Lush actually has a section on their website which gives instructions on how to apply the Colour Supplements (I just winged it!).  If you're interested, you can find that here.

This is only a first impression review. I will continue to wear this foundation every day this week to give it a more thorough test, and I will update you if I change my mind about it or if my skin breaks out from it.  I'll have a FOTD up tomorrow, too, in which I'll be wearing it as my foundation. As of today, my feelings about the Lush Colour Supplement is that it is a fantastic foundation that gives exactly the type of finish I love (medium coverage and dewy) and matches my skin perfectly. Bourjois Healthy Mix is still my HG, but I suspect this might give it a run for its money!

Thanks for reading, and I hope this was helpful to anyone curious about the Lush Colour Supplements!

<3 Jess



  1. Wow, all-natural foundation, eh? Looks great on you :)

  2. Ooh, that looks so pretty. I read it works best as a tinted moisturizer :)

  3. I think it gives much better coverage than most TMs I've tried! So far I like it best over my moisturizer and applied like a regular foundation. I don't like light coverage - I have too much redness and acne scarring.

  4. Im so glad you posted this. I wrote about how good it looked on my blog a while ago but i am fairly tanned so couldnt review it. It looks great on you x

  5. It looks great on you!
    Does it really match yellow undertoned skin colors? Because my face is sort of red but my neck and chest are sort of yellowish,I wanna buy this but that is the doubt i have :/
    btw you are beautiful! and i looove your blog:)

  6. I don't know anything about foundation, but I know I love your face. <33 xxx

  7. I haven't tried this, I've seen it in store but never read reviews on it so I was a bit hesitant! Good to hear it is good :)

  8. I LOVE your make-up in these pictures!

  9. I love your blog ^-^ just started following you after reading your entire archives,lol