Wednesday, November 16, 2011

pics from the weekend (w/2 FOTDs and OOTD)

Hello lovely readers!  I had a nice little weekend. I did some shopping, watched Crazy Stupid Love (loved), did some more shopping, chatted with my fave girls on Twitter, took a nap, caught up on my fave shows, etc. That's a perfect weekend, in my opinion! ;) I also made a Christmas list on Kaboodle. I love making lists, and I've been using Kaboodle for several years now. You can find my profile here. And if you're curious about what's on my Christmas list, you can see it here. No makeup, if you can believe it! Two reasons for that: 1) I'm very instant-gratification/impatient when it comes to makeup. If I reeeeally want something, I can't bear to wait till Christmas! 2) I'm too excited about spring makeup collections (seriously - Dior, Lancome, Guerlain, Chanel... they're *all* amazing!).

If you can believe it (I can't!), I didn't even buy anything from the Sephora VIB sale (or from the Friends & Family sale!). That doesn't mean I haven't bought any makeup recently, but yeah. Shocking for me.

I thought I'd share my FOTDs and an OOTD from my weekend, and also random shopping pics and kitty pics, too.  Enjoy!

From Sunday...


LUSH Colour Supplement in Light Yellow
Chanel Bronze Rose (minus the pink) as setting powder/bronzer (didn't like the effect of this - it looked too powdery/cakey!)
Laura Mercier Canyon Sunset Cheek Melange
Benefit Watt's Up


MAC Morning Frost paint pot
Bare Escentuals Playlist palette
YSL Shocking liner in Ashy Black
Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Amethyst
MAC Shadestick in Nurture (inner corners)
MAC Lingering brow pencil
Benefit They're Real mascara


YSL Rouge Pur #148 Tea Rose

Still loving the Lush Colour Supplement - and no breakouts! Yay! :)

From Monday...

Can you spy a curious little Mouse in the background?


Bourjois Healthy Mix (51)
MAC MSF Natural (Medium)
Chanel Tweed Brun Rose blush
Benefit Watt's Up


MAC Let's Skate paint pot
Armani Eyes to Kill Khaki Pulse
Chanel Vert Khaki
Chanel Beige Lame
MAC Midnight Blues fluidline
Trish McEvoy shadow/liner in Topaz
UD 24/7 shadow pencil in Sin (inner corners)
MAC Lingering brow pencil
Benefit I'm Real mascara


MAC Patisserie
Revlon Colorburst lipgloss in Eggnog

SWEATER: Forever21
PERFUME: Laura Mercier Vanille Gourmande

Say hello to my little friend! ("put me down!")

SHOES: Vivienne Westwood for Melissa

Some random shopping pics...

Seriously, more Lush?? Of course.

I'll show you what I got from Lush in the next post. I'm such a tease, right? ;)

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Golden Lustre #108 Ochre Rose

Tried on this YSL lippie that I'm pretty sure I need at wanted to get a pic of it ASAP, hence the off-center shot. It's so awkward trying to take a macro lip shot in the center of a mall! haha I planned to buy it this weekend, but I didn't (long story). But I will.  Soon.

stuff I liked at Urban Outfitters (the box in the center contains 3 owl-shaped lipsticks - eep!)

stuff I liked at Sanrio: leather wallet & tokidoki for Hello Kitty pencil bag - think I need these!

Look what I found - finally! - @ Target! Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters! <3

I literally squealed when I saw this display at Target (it was in the aisle in the Revlon section, not on an end cap, as I'd expected). One thing to note, though, is that it doesn't look like Target will be carrying Creamsicle, Cupcake, or Red Velvet, as they were missing from the display. Actually, I count 13, and I believe there are 20 shades total, so I guess there are four other shades missing in action as well.  But the ones I mentioned are the only ones I cared enough about to notice! ;)

I swear, this was not posed - he really slept w/the tree skirt as a blanket! so cute <3

Mom dubs this one "I am Sammy, King of Boob Mountain."

See you soon, and thanks for reading!

<3 Jess


  1. I love your floral Target dress!
    Owl shape lipsticks!! Is it anything like the Paul & Joe cat lipstick, as in just in an owl shape? AHH I swear visiting your blog always makes me add things on my to buy list!

    Oh, and I have to ask! Which do you prefer, the Healthy Mix or the Color Supplement? :)

  2. They are just like the Paul & Joe lipsticks! I can't speak for the formula, but the owls are so cute. Also, I can't choose between the foundations right now! I really love them both. If I'm in a hurry, I'll go with the Bourjois, as it's a bit quicker/easier to apply, but otherwise, they both give excellent medium coverage, match me perfectly, and neither irritates my skin. And the prices are great for both, too (about $16 for the colour supplement, $17-18 for healthy mix). Love 'em!

  3. I just accidentally deleted a comment from the lovely Sarah S. (I'm an idiot!). This is what it said: "Aww Sammy and Mouse are too cute <3 I love your outfit with the floral dress, it's so adorable! And whatwhatwhat Colorburst Lip Gloss in Eggnog? I am dying to find these LE glosses... so bummed I haven't located them yet. And I finally ordered Healthy Mix b/c it looks so great on you :) "

    Sarah - Thanks! I found the Spice It Up Revlon collection at CVS. OMG, the lipgloss shades are so beautiful! If I was a fan of dark shades or berries, I'd be all over the other ones, too. I think I want to pick up the light pink one later!

  4. Wow! That color supplement looks amazing on you, I always thought it'd be nearly no coverage. & Your kitties are the cutest things ever...

  5. Thank you for the reply! I'm thinking of buying the color supplement now! x

  6. "King of Boob Mountain"..LOL. Love it. Also, love Tea Rose! RIP, Tea Rose. If they don't make an exact match to that lipstick, I'm with I hate not having clout or power. I want both Did you love 108? Or, like? Either way, your FOTDs *always* make me happy :) <33 xxx

  7. Yes, I did love it! I'm going to go back and get it soon, I hope. I'd needed to return something to Bloomingdale's and thought I'd just do an exchange, but they didn't have the Golden Lustres yet (remember the SA story?? argh!). :P So then I forgot that I don't have to pay cash at Neiman's anymore/that they got into the right century and accept Visa and Mastercard, and yeah. Told you it was a long story! haha

  8. Aleksis - I think it could be light coverage if you apply with your fingers or mix it with moisturizer, but I dip my brush and kind of "paint" with it then blend, and the coverage is great that way! Not the most sanitary method, probably, but it works for me! And no breakouts - which I know is something we both worry about!

  9. Lovely FOTD & such cute cat pics!
    I ordered the Rouge Pur last week and got the Revlon lip butter in #25 and now on a hunt for #50! :)

  10. I love that outfit! And of course I love the kitty pix. Trying not to look at the make-up...or the Christmas list!

  11. Ohhhh. Okay. This all makes a lot of sense now. I assumed that the counter did have the Lustres, but the genius SA didn't know the difference. I'm excited to hear your full ruling on it :D <33 xxx

  12. Totally love your shoes and your cat!

  13. AhhhH! You found them..yay! As always, your FOTDS are gorgeous! I love Chanel Vert Khaki on you! Cute curious kitty!

  14. Oh no! my comment! Xo j/k, hehe. I'm so glad I found those glosses! The light pink is realllly purty, you should get it!

  15. I think that those are THE most gorgeous cats I have ever seen...your cats should be on commercials! And you my dear look absolutely stunning! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!