Monday, October 1, 2012

blog sale updated!

I've updated the blog sale with loads of new items!  Please click here to head over to the blog sale post.  Thank you! :)


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rouge Dior Nude Lip Blush (review & swatches)

Hello, friends and fellow lipstick lovers! Today I'll be talking about a new product that I'm seriously loving - Dior's Rouge Dior Nude Lip Blush lipsticks. Dior has been blowing it out of the park in the past couple of years. They're quietly overstepping YSL as my favorite high-end cosmetics brand. What's always pushed YSL over the edge for me has been their lipsticks.  However, I have to say they've been slacking in that department for me lately. In fact, I haven't bought a single new YSL item in months. I think they really need to step up their game to keep up with Dior and Chanel's consistently impressive collections. Sorry, going off topic! 

Anyways, I've been tauting the Dior Addict Extreme #336 St. Tropez lipstick as one of my all-time favorites all summer, and with this new range of "nude" lipsticks (I put it in quotes because which shades fall into that category will entirely depend on the individual), I think I've stumbled upon another HG lipstick from Dior. Color me impressed!

I believe there are 8 shades in the range (although some retailers are listing 6, like Sephora). Three of them stood out for me:

Trompe L'Oeil 123, Indiscrete 228, Swan 263

swatched top to bottom in the same order

Rouge Dior Nude Lip Blush in 123 Trompe L'Oeil

Rouge Dior Nude Lip Blush in 123 Trompe L'Oeil

Rouge Dior Nude Lip Blush in 228 Indiscrete

Rouge Dior Nude Lip Blush in 228 Indiscrete

 Rouge Dior Nude Lip Blush in 263 Swan

Rouge Dior Nude Lip Blush in 263 Swan

Trompe L'Oeil is a pale peach nude that looks a bit pink when applied to my lips. All three shades are glossy and sheer, but buildable. Trompe L'Oeil, however, required more layering to get an even, more opaque coverage. For those who like shades like GOSH Darling, Revlon Creamsicle, and MAC Creme d'Nude, I think you'll love this shade.  It's not my favorite of the three, but I don't regret purchasing it, and I do like it.

Indiscrete is my favorite favorite favorite! I love this shade so much that I'm a bit panicked about whether these are limited edition shades.  I WILL use the whole tube. The shade reminds me of YSL Rouge Pur Couture #06 Rose Bergmasque, one of my all-time favorite lipsticks EVER. It's glossy and reasonably moisturizing, and leaves minimal "damage" behind after several hours of wear (i.e. dried bits in the center of the lip - my PET PEEVE!). Here are a couple of photos of me wearing it to work the other day (no balm under or gloss over):

Pretty much the definition of a "my lips but better" shade!

Swan is the shade that I didn't expect to love, but do.  When I first saw swatches on Fruity Lashes, I completely overlooked this one. However, when I saw them at my Macy's counter and swatched it on the back of my hand, I loved it! Sometimes it's wise to just swatch things for yourself instead of judging from someone else's swatches, especially when it comes to lip products. I think this a great everyday pink that would look good on a multitude of skintones. Like Indiscrete, Swan is a very easy-to-wear, goes-with-anything shade.

The Rouge Dior Nude Lip Blushes do have that signature slightly rose, slightly powdery scent/taste. I remember it being stronger in the regular Rouge Dior line, but I could be mistaken (I don't currently own any shades from the regular Rouge Dior line). If you're sensitive to scented lip products, you may want to test it out at the counter first.

These are definitely Jess-approved, and highly recommended! Dior is on a roll, and I'm pretty freaking happy about it. :)

Thanks for reading!


Goodbye Summer, Hello Blog Sale!

Hey beautiful people! I completely redid my blog sale post, adding loads of new items, including some non-makeup items like skincare, haircare, and fragrance. Definitely trying to clear house! You can see the post by clicking here. Thanks so much, and happy shopping!


I'm alive, just a slacker!

Hello lovely blog readers! I realize that it's been ages (almost two months!) since I've posted here. I've been such a slacker!

Oh, hi! Remember me?

What about us?

There are lots of excuses (it's been a rough summer, I was traveling, etc.) but to be honest, I just haven't been motivated lately. I've been posting on Instagram TONS (I'm @dontcallmejesse there, if you'd like to follow me there! I also share all my Instagram photos to Twitter, where I'm @dontcallmejesse as well), but I've been slacking in all other areas!

I was really getting into making YouTube videos... and then my camera lens broke (it wouldn't retract). I've filmed two videos with my phone camera since then, and I've filmed two others I have yet to upload (blargh!) but I just can't afford to buy a new camera right now, but next month is my birthday month, so fingers crossed, friends! >_<

I have some beauty-related posts I plan on putting up in the next week or two, but first I thought I'd give you two "life updates."

1.) Lola is now Charlie. Yep, he's a boy.  He also was not a stray! He actually had an owner in the next building.  Long story short, though, he's still my cat and his previous owner and I have become friends (and she comes to visit him often). He's been an indoor cat since I took him in, and sometimes it's been a struggle - he and Mouse don't always get along, and when I let the kitties on the patio, I have to "supervise" to make sure Charlie doesn't try to escape through the screen!), but he's getting more and more used to his new home and family, and I love him very much!

2.) I'm officially an aunt/ my brother is a dad! Aaaand I got to meet her! I went to Chicago and Cincinnati to visit my family, and though Kim (my brother's fiance) wasn't due until August 7th (when I'd be back at work in Orlando), she actually gave birth on August 3rd, when I was in Chicago! I'm so excited to be an aunt, and I can't wait to watch her grow up. :) Introducing my beautiful niece, Adaline Patricia...

(I can't believe my baby brother is a daddy!)

3.) I said goodbye to my childhood home.  Well, technically my home from 4th grade on, but still. My parents are selling their house and moving to a condo in Chicago. Pushed by the birth of their new granddaughter? Perhaps! I was lucky that I had an opportunity to visit Cincinnati for a few days in the middle of my Chicago trip (yay for Megabus!) and spend some time with my parents there. It was so bizarre seeing my old bedroom almost completely bare (nearly the whole house, in fact!). I've never been very good with big chances, but I'm pretty excited for them to get settled into their new place. It will be nice having everyone in the same city - except for me, of course. But maybe someday that will change...

Thanks so much for reading, and for sticking with me through that awful dry spell! >_< No more of that! Let me know if there are any posts you'd like to see from me in the near future - I'm definitely open to ideas! Thanks again! :)

Lots of love!


Friday, June 29, 2012

Introducing Lola :)

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you already know that I have a new little one in my family. Her name is Lola, and she was a stray kitty that I'd been feeding for some time. She was always so unbelievably friendly with me, that I'm certain she was abandoned. She'd let me carry her, pet her, and weave herself around my legs when she'd see me. When I learned she was declawed I couldn't bear the thought of her living outside and lacking her biggest defense mechanism. How could someone declaw a kitty and then abandon her? The cruelty astounds me.

Anyways, I was perfectly happy with my two little monsters, but I'm even happier now to have Lola, too.  I feel like our little family is now complete. :)

I was talking to Mom one night, and she said I seem to be recreating our pet family from my childhood. We had two male cats (Casper and Tiger) and one female (Stephanie, who was also a rescue!). I hadn't even thought of that, but I think maybe subconsciously I was! We also had a dog, but I don't think I can handle four pets on my own! haha Even a crazy cat lady has her pet-housing limits! ;)

And a couple of funny Sammy pics, just because... 

(doin' some yoga-napping!)

Love you guys (and your pets, too!), and as always, thanks for reading!

<3 Jess
...and Sammy, Mouse, and Lola ;)

Blog sale updated, new items added :)

Hey lovelies! Just wanted to post a quick note that I've updated my blog sale. I've added some new items and also reduced prices on a few things as well.  You can see the post by clicking here. Thanks!


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Too Faced La Creme Color Drenched Lip Creams: Review & Swatches

I'm surprised to see myself saying this, but I think Too Faced's fall 2012 collection is my favorite I've seen so far. It sure doesn't hurt that it includes a new 16-shade line of lipsticks, all with pretty adorable names I might add. They're called La Creme Color Drenched Lip Creams, but I'll just be calling them La Cremes, because ridiculously long product names irritate me. ;)  Anyways, I love these, and had to share my thoughts - along with swatches, of course!

Nude Beach, Naked Dolly, and Marshmallow Bunny

(top to bottom) Nude Beach, Naked Dolly, Marshmallow Bunny

Nude Beach

Nude Beach

Naked Dolly (my favorite - reminiscent of YSL Tea Rose *swoon*)

Naked Dolly

Marshmallow Bunny

Marshmallow Bunny

All three shades are creamy and opaque, and have a sweet sugary lemon taste (bakery lemon, as opposed to medicinal/kitchen lemon) that fades a bit after application. Marshmallow Bunny has a quality to it that I find hard to describe. It's not shimmery, frosty, or even pearly, but it does have more of a "glow" to it than Nude Beach or Naked Dolly. I also think it doesn't look as smooth on the lips, though it feels smooth when applying. I can't help but think Marshmallow Bunny will be the runaway hit in this line - it's a pretty unique pink, neutral and bright at the same time, and not too cool-toned. 

As I noted in the swatches, Naked Dolly is my favorite.  It reminds of YSL Rouge Pur 148 Tea Rose, just a tad sheerer (nothing beats the opacity of YSL lipsticks, in my experience!).  Nude Beach reminds me of a more nude MAC Patisserie. Like I said, Marshmallow Bunny is pretty unique, and no dupes spring to mind right away. Maybe the Revlon lip butter in Strawberry Shortcake - though I think this is much, much better!

To sum it up in one sentence: I love pretty much everything about these. The packaging is sleek and slim, and the outer cardboard packaging is even lovelier (I haven't been able to get them into the trash bin as of yet...). I love the formula - it's creamy, glossy, and feels light on the lips.  It's not perfect (tell me if you find a lipstick that is!), and my lips do begin to feel dry after a few hours, when the product begins to wear off. And these shades? SO ME. As previously mentioned, there are 16 shades in the line in total, and I'm so happy with the three I blind-ordered that I'm curious to try more. 

I ordered from, which I'd never done before.  I used a 10% off promo code, and shipping was free over $50. I was really pleased with the presentation when I received my package - pink box AND pink filler? Yes, please! Also love the three generous samples. The shade of gloss (Barely Legal) is a shade I'd actually gravitate towards (pink nude, of course) and the Lashgasm mascara (name cringe) is surprising fantastic. I have yet to try the Beauty Balm, though - new face products make me nervous!

So sorry for my obscenely long absence from my blog. I basically lost motivation, but it's slowly coming back to me, so don't give up on me yet. :) And if for some odd reason you need to see or hear more from me, you can find me on Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram (dontcallmejesse - I post all my photos to Twitter as well) in the meantime! 

Thanks for reading! Love you guys!

<3 Jess

Sunday, June 3, 2012

blog sale (yes, again...)

You don't know how much it pains me to find myself posting a blog sale again after too many weeks have gone by without any posts of any sort... and my last post was a blog sale post as well. What can I say, though, times they are a'tough. :\ However, I couldn't deal with seeing two blog sale posts back to back, so instead of creating a new one, I just amended the original post and moved all the older items to the bottom.  Keeping it simple or something to that effect!

Anyways, my sincerest apologies for my absence.  I've been pre-occupied with YouTube (click here if you'd like to see my recent videos) and Instagram (you can find me there as "dontcallmejesse" - I've been posting swatches and product photos there as well!). Basically the time I was spending blogging before has been spent filming videos instead.  I promise I will try to find a way to balance both in the future.  I can't just abandon my baby! >_<  Thank you for sticking with me. :)

Cutting to the point, here is the link to the blog sale. Happy shopping, lovely ladies and gents! :)

Love you all lots and lots. <3


Sunday, April 29, 2012

the official blog sale post! *ON HIATUS*

**UPDATE: Due to current weather conditions in Chicago (and the fact that I am no longer driving), I will not be making any trips to the post office in the near future. When weather improves, I will be able to ship items again, and will probably add new items to this post as well. Thanks for understanding!**

Yes, it's blog sale time again! In other words, time to purge the overflowing stash. >_< 

All used/swatched lipsticks will be wiped clean before shipping. Further disinfecting is at the buyer's discretion.

If an item's box is shown in the photo, the box will be included.


If you are interested in anything, please CONTACT ME by e-mail @ In the initial e-mail message, please include the item(s) you would like along with your full name and shipping address. I will reply promptly with the total and my paypal information.

Payments must be received within 24 hrs from when my response e-mail is sent. If I do not receive payment for an item(s) by the 24-hour mark, it/they will be taken off hold.  Please note: I WILL NOT SHIP ORDERS UNDER $10. (I no longer have a car, and it's not worth the effort!)


US: $5 (includes tracking number). 


ALL SALES ARE FINAL, no refunds or returns.

Now that that's out of the way, on with the fun stuff!! :D

  • YSL Rouge Volupte Perle #108 Celestial Mauve $23 SOLD
  • Estee Lauder Vivid Shine Pure Color lipstick in Mauve Struck $15 SOLD
  • Estee Lauder Vivid Shine Pure Color lipstick in Hot Coraline (used ~3 times) $12 SOLD
  • Dolce & Gabbana Classic Cream lipstick in Mandorla $23
  • Clarins Rouge Prodige #101 Tender Rose $14 SOLD

  • Chanel Rouge Coco Shine #68 Candeur (LE) $25 SOLD
  • Chanel Rouge Coco Shine #48 Evasion (used ~3 times) $20 SOLD
  • Chanel Rouge Allure Intense #112 Fantasque (LE) $23
  • Tom Ford Lip Color in Spanish Pink $35 SOLD
  • Dior Rouge Dior Nude Lip Blush #123 Trompe L'Oeil $21 SOLD
  • Dior Rouge Dior Nude Lip Blush #263 Swan $21 SOLD

  • Kevyn Aucoin Expert Lip Color in Bloodroses $21 SOLD
  • Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Color in Melba $18
  • Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Lip Colour in Angelic $18
  • Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited BG 911 $21
  • Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Parisienne Pink (LE, Mon Shu Girl packaging) $21

  • MAC lipsticks (LE): Deepest Wish, Dramatic Encounter $12 each

  • Flower Beauty (Drew Barrymore) Velvet Kiss Sticks in Set Me Freesia, Chocolate Lily $3 each

  • Topshop Lip Bullet in There She Goes $9
  • Khroma Beauty Joystick in Modern Mauve $6

  • MAC eyeshadows (all LE): Surf USA, Vainglorious SOLD, Smoke & Diamonds SOLD (S&D used 3-4 times) $10 each
  • Urban Decay Moondust shadow in Diamond Dog $8 SOLD
  • Armani Eyes to Kill shadow in #6 Khaki Pulse $20 SOLD
  • NARS single eyeshadow in Etrusque $15 SOLD

(all used 1-3 times)

  • LUSH Gorilla Perfume Forum Special (LE) Snowshowers (1 oz) $30
  • Robert Piguet Fracas (1 oz) $25
  • Tokyomilk Dark Everything & Nothing (2 oz) $20 SOLD
  • Fresh Cannabis Santal (1 oz) $25 SOLD

Items still available from previous blog sale:

  • Topshop Lips in Fawn (swatched 1x) $9
  • Topshop Lips in Wicked (swatched 1x) $9
  • MAC Reel Sexy (worn 1x) $12 SOLD
  • MAC Watch Me Simmer (swatched 1x) $13 SOLD
  • Revlon Kissable Balm Stain in Rendezvous (worn 1x) $3

  • Burberry Lip Cover in #27 Tulip Pink (used 2x) $21 SOLD
  • Dolce & Gabbana Passion Duo Gloss Fusion lipstick in #200 Imperial (used 2x) $20 SOLD
  • Paul & Joe Sheer lipstick in #103 Just Peachy (used 1x) $15
  • Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited OR520 (swatched 1x) $18 SOLD
  • Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited BG907 (discontinued, used 2-3x) $12 SOLD
  • Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited PK320M (discontinued, swatched 2x) $12 SOLD

  • Sephora Color Last lipstick in Oh My Beige (used 1x) $6
  • Barry M Lip Paints: #100 Baby Pink, #52 Shocking Pink SOLD, #146 Dolly Pink SOLD, #129 Palest Lavender (all swatched 1x) SOLD  $2 each 
  • Victoria's Secret VS Perfect lipstick in Heartbeat (swatched 1x) $5
  • Topshop Lips in Ohh La La (worn 1-2x) $10

  • Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Fashion's Night Pout (LE, never used) $4
  • Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Peach (swatched 1x) $3 SOLD
  • Revlon Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake $3 SOLD
  • Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in Siren $3
  • Revlon Matte lipstick in Smoked Peach $3 SOLD
  • Revlon Colorstay Soft & Smooth lip color in 375 Ripened Red $3

MAC Pigments:

  • The Family Crest (new packaging, LE, swatched 1x) $8 SOLD
  • Pinked Mauve (mini from holiday set, never used) $5
  • Royal Flush (discontinued packaging, used 1x) $8

  • MAC e/s: All That Glitters SOLD, All Races SOLD, Bough Grey SOLD, Maira's Mood, Sushi Flower SOLD $7 each

  • Urban Decay e/s: Woodstock $6
  • Make Up For Ever e/s no. 09 $6

Thank you so much for looking! :)

If you see anything you like, please e-mail me @ with the name(s) of the (items) you would like, along with your full name and shipping address. I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Thanks again. :D

<3 Jess