Friday, November 4, 2011

fotd + a random ramble about teeth?


Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation (51)
YSL Touche Eclat
Dior Aurora
Smashbox Blush Rush in Silhouette
Benefit Watt's Up


MAC Morning Frost paint pot
Urban Decay Naked palette: Toasted, Hustle
LORAC Front of the Line Pro
Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Amethyst
MAC Lingering brow pencil
Benefit They're Real mascara


Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Creamsicle
Laura Mercier Nude Lip Glace in Bare Pink

So I realized, looking at these photos more closely, wearing white really makes my teeth look kind of yellow. Yuck! 

Random fact (okay, long and boring story) about me: I wore braces for YEARS in middle and high school, because I had a huge gap a la Lara Stone. After my braces I *loved* my teeth - they were straight and even and perfect, yay! Well, a few years ago, my boyfriend cooked a delicious chicken dinner, and I bit down straight into my fork and chipped a piece of my left front tooth. I was so upset at first, but eventually I sucked it up and decided to leave it be.  Well, with time the enamel at the bottom of my front teeth has faded a bit because they rub against my bottom teeth (I have a slight underbite - really it's more that my teeth rest on top of each other - not good!).  Anyways, I think the fading is more noticeable in the chipped tooth and it bugs me when I pay attention to it.  It's just one of those things that you know other people don't notice but drives you crazy.  Do you guys have anything like that? If so, I'd love to hear about them so I feel like crazy! haha

Otherwise, I'm not that obsessive about my teeth. I don't use whitening products (sensitive teeth!), I just brush often and use dental piks like a madwoman (I have a permanent retainer behind my top and bottom front teeth, so flossing is a challenge) - if you need proof of my dental pik obsession, see my what's in my bag post and observe the big ol' bag of 'em I always have on hand! ;)

Wow, that was quite a tangent, right?  Anyways, hope you all are having a great day and I'll talk to you again soon!

Thanks for reading!

<3 Jess


  1. I love your teeth! It's so weird that you mention this, because just this past week, I've decided I loathe mine. I always thought my nose was the worst thing on my face, but now, I think it's my teeth. I had braces for a couple years when I was like..12/13 (which is laughable bc they look so non-worked on). But, I played clarinet for years (bite down with front teeth) and had my wisdom teeth removed when I was 19/20. So, clarinet+not very into my retainer+wisdom teeth removal= embarrassing rabbit teeth from hell. The bottom teeth are starting to shift noticeably. AND, worst of all, my two front teeth are crowding the other. One's in front of the other, etc. Fuuuuu. I'm seriously considering getting an Invisalign consut..for real. I never noticed how fug they were until I started making videos e_e

    That was long. Sorry :/ You have nice teeth, though. You're just in your head about it, which happens. :D <3 xxx

  2. Psh, it's in your head, too! Especially that crap about your nose. What's funny is that I went to the dentist for the first time in about 5 years about 6 months ago and I ended up having a lot of teeth worked on (fillings, ugh).. but my dentist was telling me how he "strongly suggested" I get braces again. Oh HELL no. He also asked me.. multiple times... about whether I was happy with the color of my teeth. I was like, "I'm fine with it, thanks?" In my head it was "Whatchu tryna say???" By the way, I'm never going there again... but ever since he mentioned my underbite and how my teeth wear down the enamel on either teeth from rubbing and whatnot, now I'm hyper-aware of it and it irritates me! I wish he hadn't said anything!

  3. I love you for saying it's in my head, but it's real. I can feel it all with my tongue...meh. Meanwhile, that dentist is a total asshole, because normal ones wouldn't say that. You have white teeth, and you sure as hell don't need braces. He was probably trying to shame you for going so long without getting routine check-ups and cleanings. His approach and delivery was moronic and dick-like. I love my dentist back home so much that I'm getting a teeth cleaning over You need to ERASE the bullshit that he said, bc he's just..wrong. If you went to a NORMAL/different dentist, he/she would disagree on all counts. I guarantee!

  4. I have a small super white spot on one of my front teeth. It used to really annoy me but now I don't even notice it! Plus, I think stuff like that gives you character ; )

  5. WTF @ your dentist! Although that's not the worst story I've heard. My mom's got pretty teeth but gingivitis and her dentist actually said, "We did the lab work and you basically have the germs of a prostitute's mouth in there" UM EXCUSE ME? That's my MOM, yo! I'm glad I have a different dentist than her, lol! I think us Americans are the only people who are really picky about teeth... in Japan people love a wonky tooth here and there, and think it's cute :) I wore braces but didn't wear my retainer... and you can see the result in FOTDs, lol. They were straight once, I swear! But they're chiclets, anyhow. Your teeth are small and cute, Jessica! Nobody naturally has teeth that are t-shirt white, of course :) I used to whiten but it hurts so much so I don't bother anymore. You look so cute in this FOTD I didn't think about your teeth at all. A follower that only looks at pictures would probably leave a clueless little comment about, "Gorgeous pictures/makeup" and not say anything about your teeth :) Sorry for the novel!

  6. I really didn't notice a chipped tooth sweetie! I've chipped my front tooth too and at first I was soo upset but over the years it has smoothed out so it's not so bad! I actually love your eyebrows! I'm going to have to test this mac eyebrow pencil!!!!
    Tilly M x

  7. @ dontcallmejessie My dentist said that to me, too!! After he said that, my teeth bothers the hell out of me, so I'm thinking of getting Invisalign or something.. well, after I get out of school that is.
    Anyways, I love your fotd :) .. don't worry about your teeth, they look totally fine in the pictures!

  8. oh I never even noticed!!! im always staring at your wonderful warm smile =D keep up with these FOTD's! must have been some experience!!! you make me want to run to a LM counter for that Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Amethyst!!

  9. A bit random, but you're a British citizen cos of your Dad too right? If you came over to Britain for dental work, it is very inexpensive, like £16/$20 a visit including treatments!

  10. I'm a US citizen. I have dental insurance, but I just don't like when I feel like they try to talk you into doing lots of extra stuff just so they can make more money. :P