Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunday haul!

Yesterday was yucky and rainy and just... blech.  I woke up at 10:30 but went back to bed about an hour later because it was so dark and gross out that I didn't really feel awake.... and I woke up at 2 PM! At that point I decided I was going to face the rain and get out of the house!

Here's what I hauled:

Tone Almond Milk body wash (probably my drugstore favorite), Tresemme 24 Hour Body Root Boosting Spray (love the hair spray, wanted to try this), The Body Shop mini body butters: Strawberry and Cocoa Butter (on sale: 2 for $12, usually $8 each), Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear nail color in White On, Nicole by OPI polish in Peas and Q's, MAC eyeshadows: Hey and Free to Be, jewelry from Target (oversized stud earrings, wood bracelet, stretchy adjustable cocktail ring), Orbit Sweet Mint 3-pack ($2)

Usually I wouldn't include the gum in the haul, but I am ADDICTED to Orbit Sweet Mint.  It's seriously the best, longest lasting gum on earth.  It's a staple in my handbag. ;)

I also grabbed two quick "throw on" dresses for summer at Forever21 (Faith21), since it's been consistently in the 80s the past few weeks, and I know it's only gonna get hotter!

And this top is from Forever 21, too.  I love vintage-y florals!

And the outfit of the day (no face of the day -- the weather was so bad, I couldn't get decent lighting for a face shot!):

my right hand looks so weird in this pic! haha

Top: Dorothy Perkins
Shorts, Necklace: Target
Sandals: Boutique 9 (these were a mistake to wear in the rain!!)
Earrings (not shown): white thumbtack studs from H&M
Bag (not shown): Miu Miu
Umbrella (not shown): leopard print from J.Crew

And here's swatches of my recent nail polish buys (sorry again for the crap lighting!):

Sally Hansen White On, Nicole by OPI Peas and Q's, Revlon Tropical Temptation

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! See you soon!


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  1. Cute stuff, Miss Shopaholic. (You don't get it from strangers!)