Wednesday, August 10, 2011

my recent purchases (ulta, b&bw, chanel, aldo, target, anthro)

Hi ladies! I did a bit of shopping this past weekend... It was so much fun to let loose a bit, as funds have been tight lately, and I haven't been able to have a fun shopping weekend like this in a loooong time. Of course, I still didn't go crazy or anything, though, and I took advantage of coupons, as always! :D Coupons are a girl's best friend!

Enjoy! :)

($8.50 in coupons)
  • John Frieda Go Blonder controlled lightening spray
  • Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Roller
  • OPI Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window (WORST NAIL POLISH NAME EVER!!)
  • Smashbox Girls on Film blush rush in Silhouette
  • Redken Guts10 (mini)

  • Smashbox Doubletake Lip Color in Gossamer (Macy's)
  • Royal Apothic Extract of Macaroon fragrance rollerball (Anthropologie)
Smashbox Doubletake Lip Color in Gossamer

Bath & Body Works:
(buy 2, get 1 free; $10 off total purchase)
  • C.O. Bigelow Lemon & Ginger tinted lip balm
  • C.O. Bigelow Mentha Supreme 2X lip shine
  • C.O. Bigelow Mentha lip shine in Cinnamint

C.O. Bigelow Lemon & Ginger tinted lip balm

Bath & Body Works
($10 off total purchase)
  • mini emery boards
  • Apple Crumble home fragrance refill
  • Caramel Apple home fragrance refill
  • Fruit Punch pocketBac hand sanitizer
  • Black Candy Apple mini body lotion
  • Marshmallow anti-bacterial foaming hand soap

  • Raccoon home fragrance plug-in cover (B&BW)

  • Chanel Rouge Allure Desinvolte (Nordstrom Anniversary Sale exclusive - bought this last week, the very last day of the sale!)

  • NYX Summer Love lipstick (Ulta)

  • Feather earrings + studs set (Aldo)
wearing the feather earrings (and a goofy face)

  • Merona leopard-print faux animal hair flats (Target)
Cosmetics swatched...

TOP: Chanel Desinvolte, C.O. Bigelow Lemon & Ginger tinted lip balm
MIDDLE: NYX Summer Love, Smasbox DoubleTake lip color in Gossamer lip liner side, Gossamer lip color side
BOTTOM: Smashbox Girls on Film blush rush in Silhouette

Of course, as always I had some assistance in the making of this post!

Mouse: "Okay, now you grab the other side, then we can make a run for it with the loot!"
Sammy: "Is there Chanel in there? I like Chanel..."

Both: "If we stare enough, she will acknowledge our cuteness with treats."

One more for the road!

Thanks for reading. Love you guys!

<3 Jess (and Sammy & Mouse!)


  1. omg how cute these kittens (L) Chanel rouge awesome, i need

  2. Chanel Rouge Allure Desinvolte looks absolutely gorgeous on your lips! :)

  3. hee hee my dog, Popcorn, loves to hang around when I take photos and swatch! Such good helpers! The Chanel lippie is too gorgeous.

  4. It's been said but the Chanel lippie is so pretty on you!

  5. haha your cats are adorable! I love that smash box lip color on you!

  6. The Chanel shade looks amazing on you! And your cats are adorable :)x

  7. Those leopard print flats are gorgeous and the lipstick look great!

  8. LOVE the C.O. Bigelow Lemon & Ginger balm! I picked it up this past and I've been wearing it non stop all week!

    ♥ Jessica

  9. Awesome haul. Those flats are super cute (I have some kinda like 'em!) and I love every lip color you picked. I have a major weakness for pinks. Would you consider doing a review on the JF Lightening Spray? I've been eyeballing it every time I go in to Ulta and REALLY want to try it out!

  10. Woweee!! Nice haul!! I love that Chanel lipstick! And, as usual, the KITTIES! :D

  11. You always have the best hauls! I'm definitely picking up that lemon and ginger lip balm soon and based on all of your awesome Halloween B&BW goodies (isn't it kind of early, btw?), it looks like I just need to stock up on the whole store now!

  12. Thanks for all your kind comments, ladies! Sammy & Mouse are loving all this attention. :)

    Jess - I had a feeling you might have found that gem already - you're the queen of lip balms in my eyes! :D

    WitchHazel - I'll definitely post something about my results/experience with the John Frieda spray. I've been using it the past four days, and so far so good! There are some pretty informative reviews and blogposts out there already, too - that's what gave me the final push to try it!

    Tiffany - You're talking to a girl who infamously puts up the Christmas tree in October!! haha (Although, with the kitties, don't think that'll be happening!!) There were two other flavors of the lip balm, too - I'm so happy with this one that I want to try the Lemon & Strawberry one now, too! They're pretty much always buy 2, get 1 free, which is nice, too. They also had lots of new Slatkin candles! :)

  13. Your leopard print flats are super cute!! :o)