Tuesday, May 25, 2010

TAG: 15 Fashion Questions

Beautygirl24 did this tag on her blog today, and I just had to join in. :) 

1) What is your favorite style to wear? Right now I'm all about printed dresses, flowy tops, cuffed shorts, and embellished sandals. I wish I could rock a blazer, but it's way too hot in Florida for that! I'm also a *huge* sucker for bows and ruffles and lace details. 

2) Who is your fashion role model? Anyone!  When I was in New York, I was constantly falling in love with the outfits girls on the street had put together.  I love getting inspiration from magazines.  Lately I've really been loving Whitney Port (from The City)-- the beachy waves, the way she mixes prints, and how she always looks effortless and fun. 

Vanessa Hudgens has great boho style, too.

3) What do you always have on? I don't *always* have anything on -- I'm too much of a chameleon! I have a strawberry pendant that I've loved for several years, though, that I probably wear more than any other piece of jewelry I own.

4) What are your favorite jeans? My favorite jeans *were* a shockingly old pair of Mixit by JCPenney (yes, JCPenney!!) mid/dark-wash skinny jeans.  They were so comfy and awesome... but just a few months ago the fabric in the inner thighs started to tear.  I still haven't found a new HG pair. :(

5) What are your favorite sunglasses? My Marc Jacobs chain link, rimless sunglasses.  They're the only non-cheap sunglasses I've ever purchased (bought a few years back) and they're also the only ones that have lasted -- through trends and through the usual trauma sunglasses go through getting thrown around and smudged all day!

6) What are your fave shoes?  At the moment it's a toss between my Sam Edelman boots and Miss Trish of Capri for Target lizard sandals.  

7) Who influenced you to write about fashion? I thought I was only going to be writing about makeup and beauty products, but fashion seems to slip its way in just as much! I was really inspired by the other bloggers I follow, and also by my mama, who gave me the final push. ;)

8) What is your fave store? I do most of my clothes and accessories shopping at budget-friendly places like Target, H&M, and Forever21.  For makeup I looooooooooove Sephora!  Especially since they started carrying YSL. ;)  Though I love MAC products, I kinda sorta hate the stores -- crowds, pressure.. no likey.

9) Who is your fave fashion person on YouTube?  There are so many I love!  Lately my favorites have been hollyYMBB, BelleDuJourNYC, and Michele1218 - awesome girls with great taste (and two with adorable dogs!) who often make me want to buy things! haha

10) What is your favorite fabric? Cotton

11) Who is your favorite model? For me it's all about the face, especially big eyes!  I've always loved Sophie Dahl, Gemma Ward, and now this beautiful model (from the Chanel Cruise 2010/11 show) whose name I don't know!

12) If you had $ 5,000 to spend on any one item, what would it be? Um, no question, that would be a Chanel chain bag, most likely in a nude shade.  I've wanted one for so many years, but I can accept that it probably won't ever happen! Or another Miu Miu in this color would do, too! 

I'll just use whatever's left over for clothes and makeup. ;)

13) Heels or flats? Flats. I'm a fairly tall girl as is (5'8"), and I'm always on hyperdrive, so I need shoes that can handle me! ;)

14) What purse do you currently use?  Miu Miu Vitello Lux -- it fits loads, can be carried multiple ways (on the wrist, over the shoulder, crossbody), and it's a creamy beige and goes with everything (I love the gold details, too!). If I need something smaller or lighter, I'll swap to my weaved blush pink chain bag from Forever21 or blue Topshop quilted chain bag.

15) Is fashion in your blood or your jeans? My mother used to wear mini skirts and sheer black lace tops when she was in high school.  She was a buyer for Marshall Fields in London and loved shopping at Liberty.  My grandmother wore fur coats, oversized sunglasses, and drove a pink convertible -- what do *you* think? ;)

I hereby tag anyone who loves fashion and writing about yourself! ;)

Be back tomorrow!


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  1. Lovely read!:D I think you'll have a Chanel bag one day.:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!