Saturday, May 22, 2010

i love new york! photos from my trip + what i brought home! :)

I spent an amazing six days in NYC from May 13-18 with my parents. The weather was amazing (aside from the day of our departure, when it was in the 50's and raining miserably -- both our flights were delayed), the food was amazing, the sights were amazing, the shops were amazing... etc. etc.  I just love New York! I thought I'd share some photos from my trip, and of course the fun things I came home with! :)

the only shop I HAD to visit: TOPSHOP (especially 
with the new makeup range available)! It didn't disappoint :)

haul from the first two days:
H&M: top, necklace, lip balm; Aldo sunglasses; The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters; cute Yorkie sign; 
TOPSHOP!: tote (free w/makeup purchase -- I actually used this a lot during the trip!), eye crayon in Satchel, Brighton Rock lipstick, Desert lipstick, Cream Blush in Neon Rose (my favorite), Lip Polish in Melba, Skin Tint in Light (looks beautiful on arms and legs but SO little product for the price -- I'm almost out already!), Gypsy Night nail polish, Feisty nail polish, tea set earrings, camera ring (love this!); Vogue cover print from a street vendor

outside Chez Josephine, a wonderful restaurant in the theatre district dedicated to Josephine Baker and run by two of her adoptive sons

Bergdorf Goodman had the best windows by far!  

Barbie madness at FAO Schwarz - fabulous!

Central Park -- beautiful day!

Dad and I making people laugh w/William the Bear @ Central Park

One of many amazing SATC2 windows at Bergdorf's

Ready for Chelsea Handler @ Radio City! 
Dress & jacket from Macy's

My mama! <3

I did Mom's hair and makeup this day!

Van Gogh's Starry Night @ MoMA

Philosophy Beach Girl set (smells amazing, like creamsicles); Urban Decay Ransom e/s, Sephora by OPI Havana Dreams, Stila Lip Enamel Luxe Gloss in Giggle, Stila Long Wear Lip Color in Exhilarating (both Stila products are SO pigmented and taste yummy!), Tokidoki Brillante Glitter Eyeliner in Carina, Nars Enchanted cream blush (this is a BEAUTIFUL highlight shade!)

bits & bobs from MoMA (including my ticket)

panoramic postcards from the MoMA Folk Art shop

Lancome Rich Cashmere lipstick, Hypnose Drama mascara (lots of free gifts, too! not pictured), 
Frango Dark Chocolate Mints (these are the best chocolates ever!)

FAO Schwarz: 
Calico Critters nurse set, Folkmanis Bear 
Cub puppet (my favorite!), Steiff Dachshund key clip 

from The Plaza's Beauty counters: 
Diane Brill Lip Lingerie in Denier (I had asked for Diamante, 
but they gave me the wrong shade! But I like it regardless); 
Smashbox Heartbreaker Felt Tip Liner (my favorite! 
I was SOO excited to find this!)

I also got some great books from The Strand bookstore, but they were shipped to my apartment and I haven't had a chance to photograph them yet. :) I also got a new I <3 New York t-shirt, because the one I got in September is so faded now it's ridiculous! Another favorite thing I brought home was a turquoise Baby Deidei, but I had a horrible time trying to photograph her in the hotel room.  I did find a photo of her online, though:

                       she's the one in the center (left); photo from

Alright, guys, hope you enjoyed the photos!  I know a few of my favorite bloggers were also in NYC when I was from a makeup event -- I hope you had a lovely time, and I wish we could've met! 

I'm sure you all probably didn't even notice my absence, but *I* missed *you* and I'm back in blogging action now! Another thing I wanted to mention is that my days off have changed, so no more Sunday/Monday hauls! Now they'll be Tuesday/Wednesday hauls instead. It's alright -- the shops close early on Sundays anyways! ;)

See you all soon!
<3 Jess

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  1. Not an inexpensive trip, but so much fun! William is soooooo cute!