Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!! + a major drugstore haul

The Gingerbread House at the Grand Floridian (that's real gingerbread!)

I've been a bad blogger, but I'm back in action! I hope you all are having/had a wonderful Christmas! I didn't have to work today, but I can't take time off between Christmas and New Year's (Disney policy), so I wasn't able to visit my family (one of the very few negatives of the job - otherwise I love it!). However, Dad came to visit for a few days last week, and this morning I got on Skype with Mom and Dad for about two hours! We opened presents, chatted, played with our kitties - isn't technology amazing? I was thinking I'd feel really lonely this Christmas, but Skype definitely saved the day. :)

My Christmas NOTD - Sally Hansen Salon Effects Strips in Peppermint Twist

I'm really excited to show you some of the gifts I received, but my brother's gift is stuck at the post office until Tuesday, so I shall wait (I already know what it is.. hehe). However, after Skype, breakfast, and the Disney Christmas parade, I did go out for a bit on a MISSION (yes, it deserves to be in all-caps) to find the new L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadows and Magic Smooth Souffle blushes. *Sidenote: For those who may be wondering, most CVS and Walgreens stores are open Christmas Day (just not their normal hours). I went to one CVS the other night (see my purchases below), and today I went to three more CVS stores on my hunt. Imagine my elation when I saw two huge displays of new L'Oreal products as well as one for new Maybelline products at last. And the displays were fully stocked!! It was a (drugstore makeup) Christmas miracle. ;)

I swear I walked up and down the aisles for 45 minutes trying to raaaationally decide on what to pick up.  I'd originally thought I'd wanted to try the Colour Riche Balm in Pink Satin, but when I thought, "What are the chances I'll like it more than the Candeur Rouge Coco Shine?" it was easy to pass on it.  For now...

Here's what I did end up picking up, though:

  • Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in 30 Candy Coral and 60 Coffee Cake
  • Physician's Formula Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Lipstick in I <3 Nude (odd name, since it's more of a pale pinky coral...) *P.S. I hate loooooooooong product names!!

Dream Bouncy Blush in Candy Coral (left) and Coffee Cake

They're like sponge! Sooo fun to use!

How could I resist that heart print??

I love how the Physician's Formula lipstick looks on! I'm not a fan of the outer packaging (looks cheap, aside from the clear lid) or the scent/taste (again, cheap/plastic-y), but I'm very happy with the shade, formula, and that CUTE heart imprint!!

So I bought the above the other night, and what you see below I picked up on my Christmas Day CVS scavenger hunt. ;)

  • Maybelline Master Shape Eyestudio Eyebrow Pencil in Soft Brown (potential MAC Lingering dupe??)
  • L'Oreal Magic Smooth Souffle Blush in Angelic and Celestial
  • L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Amber Rush and Bronzed Taupe
  • Maybellie Color Tattoo 24hr Eyeshadow in Tough as Taupe and Pomegranate Punk 

L'Oreal Magic Smooth Souffle blush in Celestial, Angelic;
L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Amber Rush, Bronzed Taupe;
Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadow in Tough as Taupe, Pomegrante Punk

(swatched in the same order)

Just from swatching (haven't worn them on my eyes yet), the Infallible eyeshadows are definitely similar to the Armani Eyes to Kill range, and the Maybelline Color Tattoo shadows are more like MAC Paint Pots. If I change my mind, I'll keep you posted! I can't wait to use these! The L'Oreal Magic Smooth Souffle blushes are lovely, too, though I will say I wish there were a wider range of shades - they all looked so similar on the display! Also, while Angelic is matte, Celestial *looks* matte, but actually has sparkle in it (it's weird - it rests on top, while the blush itself looks matte - hard to describe!). It's making me a little nervous looking at it on my hand - sparkly/glittery blushes are not my friend!

MAC Lingering on left, Maybelline Master Shape in Soft Brown on right

These look VERY similar in the swatches. I actually just ran out of my Lingering brow pencil the day before, so this was something I was looking for - I can't believe I found such a perfect shade match! We'll see how it fares on my brows!

I wanted to get these swatches up right away in case you were thinking of purchasing any of these newbies! Obviously, I've only just gotten them, so I can't do any in-depth reviewing just yet, but I will be using them all this week, so I'll let you know how it goes!

Again, Merry Christmas (just 25 minutes left as I'm typing - so sad!) to all of you!

Lots of love,


  1. !!! I definitely plan to stop by CVS and Ulta tomorrow to see if they have any of these new goodies out! Thanks for the lovely swatches, Merry Christmas dear!

  2. omg ur CVS is AMAZING!!!!!!! we still did not even rec the Wet and Wild Summer collection here ( this is not a joke!) i wish it was!!!

    great holidays pics in the beg and nails!!

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Nicely done! That's some really good DS stuff you picked up. That PF lip thinger is super pretty on you (as most things are). Everyone keeps saying that the Maybelline brow pencils are super good. I just ordered a Chanel one (no clue if it will even match me) because I think I need a pencil combined with powder. My brows are "mature" Love you and so happy to see you're back bloggin'! :D <333 xxx

  4. !!!!!!!!!!! I NEED ALL OF THESE THINGS. Everything you picked up is a drugstore item that I've been dying to find.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. It seems like every store is so different - it
    can be really frustrating. I don't go to this particular one very often (I have 3 nearby, this one is 15-mins away), but I think that's going to change now! I never got the Wet & Wild summer collection in the stores near me either. I found it on a visit to my parents in Ohio! >_< So much of drugstore "hunting" is just total luck/obsessive driving around (lol).

  6. I love your nails!! They're so perfect for the holidays :)

  7. Merry Christmas! It seems like drugstore make up has really upped its game for this spring season, can't wait to see those new loreal and maybelline eyeshadows in person!
    <3 Amber

  8. Great post! I see some things I really wanna pick up like that lipstick and some eye shadows!:)

  9. literally hauled the most amazing drugstore goodies ever! I can't wait to see you use some of this stuff in some FOTDs! Are the Maybelline and L'Oreal blushes cream to powder formulas? And I LOVE how the Physician's Formula lipstick looks on you! I got the L'Oreal Color Riche Balm in Nourishing Nude and I thought of know, because it's a nude and everything ;) It's actually kinda nice (although pretty sheer). Also, on a completely random note, do you happen to recall what lipsticks you're wearing in the photo second from the right on the top row and second from the right on the bottom row of your header? I know it's not new or anything, but your header is adorable. <3

  10. Oh lawd..I need it all ASAP! Thanks for the great blog! :)

  11. I bought the Amber Rush and wore it on Christmas - so pretty :)

  12. I bought the eyebrow "pencil" too, now I'm really confused about it; its plastic. I don't know whether or not it twists up or what do I do to get the product out. Can you please help me out on this, thanks.

  13. Thanks for all your comments!

    Tiffany - Funny, I picked up a Carmex tinted lip balm today because I remember you'd done a post on them (I picked the pink)! ;) Second from the right on the top is MAC Candy Yum Yum and I'm pretty sure the second from the right on the bottom is the YSL Volupte Sheer Candy in Luscious Cherry. I'm glad you like the header - sometimes all the lips creep me out! lol!

    Anonymous - HA! I love that you asked me that, because I used it on my brows for the first time today, and I was wondering the same thing! I was planning on Googling it tonight! I love the product itself so far, but the packaging is definitely confusing! If I find out anything, I'll let you know here in the comments!

  14. I'm in love with the Dream Bouncy Blushes. Fingers crossed we get them down here in Australia! P.S. I hope you and your cute kitties had a wonderful Christmas xoxo

  15. Have you worn the L'Oreal shadows yet? I am just wondering if they crease or stay on well.

  16. Wanted to post a few "updates" and answer Teiva's question, so here we go:

    I've now worn everything in the post except the Maybelline Color Tattoo shadows (got the Naked 2 palette from my brother on Tuesday, so my eyes have been busy!).

    The L'Oreal shadows are TOTAL dupes for Armani Eyes to Kill shadows - really vibrant and did not crease (please note I always use a primer because my lids are oily and hooded!). The L'Oreal blushes are LOVE. They apply and blend so beautifully and look extremely natural. They last all day on my skin. I was worried that Angelic would look glittery - I saw no glitter/sparkle whatsoever when wearing it. I really, really love these blushes! The Physician's Formula lipstick is a bit tricky to apply evenly. The Maybelline brow pencil ROCKS, except it seems that to sharpen it, you have to use a sharpener... and it's plastic. Hmm. I would have preferred a twist-up pencil. I haven't given the Maybelline blushes a full day of wear yet, so no reviews on those yet! :)