Thursday, November 4, 2010

holiday hauling! (lots of LUSH, bath & body works, target)

Hey beautiful people! As promised, here's the haul post.  Good thing I saved it for today, because I made an unplanned trip to Target earlier.. oops. >_<  

So let's just jump right in, shall we?

Matryoshka gift
The Olive Branch shower gel
Iced Wine shower jelly

Bath & Body Works:
Apple Wreath moisturizing hand soap
Frosted Cupcake candle (looks small but it's actually massive!)
Homemade Cookies home fragrance plug-in

I went to Lush specifically for the Matryoshka gift - it's so ridiculously cute! It contains two So White soaps, So White Matryoshka bath bomb, and Cinders Matryoshka bath bomb.  The bath bombs are actually inside the soaps, so they are smaller than regular-sized bath bombs, and the soaps are oddly shaped on the "backs"/"bottoms" because of this as well.  Either way, I loooove this and can't wait to use it all! It retails for $19.95 or £9.95 in the UK. 

The Olive Branch is just a nice, clean, masculine scent.  The Iced Wine shower jelly was something I wasn't even remotely interested in (not a fan of shower jellies!), but the salesgirl told me it was just restocked and it sold out really quickly, so being the sucker I am, I had to give it a whiff - and I was sold.  It smells really fruity and sweet and delicious! I only wish it were a shower gel or a soap instead of a jelly. They're just not enough bang for your buck, even though the concept is pretty fun (like cleaning yourself with jello!).

I had a coupon to get a large candle for $10 (usually $19.50) at Bath & Body Works, so I stopped in to snag Frosted Cupcake, which I've wanted for a while but was holding out to use the coupon! Lucky I went when I did, because there were only two in the store. And now there's one...  The other stuff was just yummy stuff I impulse-purchased!

Back to the topic of Lush, I've been meaning to show you the rest of my Lush holiday haul. I ordered from - it always works out to be cheaper that way, and the shipping time is about the same (sometimes quicker!).  Oh, and this isn't how the order came, of course - this is after I sorted everything! I store my Lush bath ballistics, soaps, and bubble bars in ziploc bags - no mess and the scents don't combine! I think it helps them stay fresh, too.
(in no particular order)

Bearded Lady bubble bar
Snowcake soap
Maple Taffy lip balm
Mrs. Whippy bath ballistic (came broken - so sad)
Honey I Washed the Kids soap (not holiday - but it's my favorite Lush product, period!)
Snow Fairy lip tint
Sugar Plum Fairy sugar scrub
Gingerbread House bubble bar
Glogg shower gel

I'm really excited to try everything! I'm already using Honey I Washed the Kids (a rererepurchase - lol) as hand soap. I was a bit disappointed with the Maple Taffy lip balm (no flavor?), Snow Fairy lip tint (really drying, sheer, but smells yummy at least), and Glogg shower gel (too masculine? I'll give it another sniff, otherwise I'll be gifting this).

Today I went to Target... out of boredom.  Let me first say that this is NEVER a good idea when you're a shopping addict like me! I literally squealed with delight when I came to see this display: 

Seeing the holiday section all set up is a clear message that Christmas will be coming soon! I love everything about the holiday season - I'm always in such a good mood during these months! I've already - yes, I'm serious - almost finished all my Christmas shopping! And my Christmas tree's been up for two weeks.  Two weeks! Okay, so I'm a little Christmas-crazy. :)

This made me squeal, too - Egg Nog and Ciders galore!! 

I looooove egg nog. Some people think it's gross or weird - not me! Target has some specialty-flavored egg nogs as well, like Chocolate Mint and Red Velvet. I got a bottle of TG Lee (the Santa-faced one) yesterday when I did my grocery shopping - I'm proud to say I haven't touched it yet. :)

And here's what I hauled (some of which is gifts!)...

Reese's miniatures (mix of dark & milk chocolate - large bag - on sale for $2)
Sonia Kashuk mini cosmetic bag (to gift or to keep.. hmm)
Yorkie & Owl ornaments (scroll down for close-ups!)
Wet 'n' Wild Color Icon palette in Vanity
Bolthouse Farms 100% carrot juice (I love this stuff!)
"J" mug
Extra Mint Chocolate Chip gum (so wrong but so right!)
Neutrogena Skin Clearing oil-free makeup (Nude 40, $2 off)
Burt's Bee's spot treatment (30% off)
Kings & Queens Jasmine shower gel & Sugar shower gel ($2.24 each)
Haribo Gold Bears & Rolos (Rolos were $0.30 each!)

The shower gels and candy on the right are to put in with Christmas gifts.  Also, I wanted to mention I will be returning the Neutrogena Skin Clearing oil-free foundation - I was suckered in by the name and the "on sale" tag, but I did a trial of it tonight and nooooo likey.  It didn't make me oily, but it did make my skin look really dull and feel ridiculously dry and tight - it created wrinkles I didn't think I had before! So yeah, I don't recommend it!  I'm gonna use the Wet 'n' Wild palette tomorrow - I wanted it after seeing it used by a blogger - all of the Wet 'n' Wild Color Icon palettes are really pigmented!

These are the ornaments I picked up:

looks like my doggy!

pretty teal owl <3

Sparky got something from Target, too. :)

Alright, I guess that's all! Hope you enjoyed - I know some people loathe haul posts, but I really enjoy seeing what other people buy - probably because I'm both nosey and a shopaholic (and looking at hauls allows me to shop vicariously through others - and also get ideas I don't need! lol).  Anyways, I hope you like hauls, because there will definitely be more in the future! haha :)

Love you all!


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  2. Dude, what's the story with LUSH bath balls. I purchased a few for my mom, who never used them, so I took a few back (lol) and I threw one in my bath the other day and nothing happened! No lovely scented water, no bubbles (!!!) nothing!! Oh wait, I did see SOMETHING! My water was this awful puke gray (the ball was lavender).

    Go ask ALICE

  3. Because Lush products are made from all-natural ingredients, they expire (like all cosmetic products do, just sooner!). It was probably past its expiration date. It's happened to me before, too.

  4. omg i am an avid owl freak and collector of owl xmas ornaments lol!I freaking need that ornament in my life!!!!!!!

  5. It came in four "jewel tone"-type colors, if I recall!