Wednesday, November 24, 2010

happy thanksgiving! :)

Hi guys!  I've been wanting to blog the past few days, but I've been sick AGAIN!  I'm definitely over being sick, I tell ya.  I had a fever and sore throat Sunday night and into Monday - I had to call in sick to work Monday and go to the doctor.  Luckily I was well enough today to go to my friend's house for Thanksgiving dinner.  See, I work at Disney and Thanksgiving is one of the biggest days of the year for us, so I always have to work. :P  So Thanksgiving usually comes early or late for my coworkers and me. :)

I just wanted to share some of pics I took tonight with you all!

So much yummy food!

A Wizard of Oz-themed tree - love it!

w/some of my girlfriends (& part of a guy! lol)

Bonding with Edward Cullen...

Yes, I took a pic in her bathroom! lol

Grr, frizzy hair!! 
Also, I wore the Lancome foundation today...
not the best pic, though!

I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving and that you have lots of wonderful things and people to be grateful for! 

Love you all!

<3 Jess


  1. mmm that dinner looks delish, you're making me hungry!

  2. hope you feel better soon! you look amazing for being sick btw

    and OMG I LOVE your tree and LALALOVE Edward!!!!! Im obsessed with the play Wicked so anything Oz-like I gravitate to...and who doesnt love Edward? hehe

  3. love the outfit! I miss fall/winter :(