Monday, September 12, 2011

what i've bought recently (lipstick, mac me over, sanrio, ysl, sleek, etc.)

I love the fall, and September especially -- it just happens to be my birthday month. :) I'm turning 28 this year (I can't believe it!) and my mama is coming to visit to celebrate with me.  I love spending time with my mom, so I'm really looking forward to seeing her.  It's also my parents' 40th wedding anniversary on October 2nd, and they decided to spend it here (Dad will coming towards the end of the visit). My brother and his girlfriend will be coming down for a few days as well. I love when my family gets together. I'm psyched for them to meet Sammy & Mouse, too! :)

Anyways, I've been taking photos over the past few weeks of the stuff I've bought, so I thought I'd share them with you!

Dolce & Gabbana Cinnamon
Tom Ford Nude Vanille
Topshop Pillow Talk
Sephora Lip Attitude Glamour G19
(scroll to the bottom of the post for lip swatches)

I had to put these at the top of the post, because I loveloveLOVE them! All of these, aside from the Sephora one which I tried on in-store first, were blind online purchases.  Sometimes that can turn out badly, but not this time! All of these lipsticks are likely to become favorites in my collection. I will say, though, that I was disappointed that when I received Tom Ford Nude Vanille; it broke the first time I applied it. It had melted during shipment, despite its sturdy case. :\ I'm going to exchange it, but I hope the same thing doesn't happen again (no stores near me have it in stock, so I have to do a mail-in return). *crosses fingers*

MAC Me Over

Creamy Bisque e/s
Mythical e/s
Seaside Cream Colour Base
Equilibrium blush
Midnight Blues fluidline

Midnight Blues fluidline in action...

Sleek Oh So Special palette
Sleek Storm palette
Sleek Pout Paint in Minx

Sleek Pout Paint in Minx

YSL Midnight Garden palette (so pretty it should be framed!!)

A FOTD using this palette will be up shortly - I wore it today and I love it just as much as I anticipated! :)

Moroccanoil Light
YSL Touche Eclat (#1 Luminous Radiance)

My original Moroccanoil bottle ran out recently, and I'd been using the Pureology serum in its place.  However, the other day I found the Moroccanoil bottle still in my cabinet, and managed to get some product out.  I'd forgotten how seriously amazing it is! It's pricey, which is why I didn't rush out to repurchase, but believe me, it is worth every penny! This time I picked the Light version, and I'm really happy with it!

The Touche Eclat is another HG product for me.  I'd been using the Garnier Anti-Dark Circle roller, but my eyes had been watering more than usual, and I wondered if I was sensitive to it. Either way, I was really missing that satisfying click of the Touche Eclat pen, and finally gave into the urge to splurge! I don't regret it one bit. ;)  And it didn't hurt that the SA threw in this adorable pouch as a freebie. :)

YSL cosmetics pouch (freebie!)

Revlon Starry Pink
Revlon Facets of Fuchsia (this one's for Mom, actually!)

Revlon Jaded Night

Tokyomilk French Kiss bon bon lotion

Philosophy Sugar Sprinkles Funnel Cake 3-in-1 (Sephora)
Philosophy Salt Water Taffy 3-in-1 (TJ Maxx)

Forever21 bunny pendant

Material Girl (Macy's) elephant pendant & bunny studs

Owl candle (Target - only $4.99!)

(totally unnecessary but so cute!)


Charmmy Kitty notebook
Hello Kitty pastry cell phone charm
Sugarbunnies bag/paper clips
Hello Kitty key cover
Demeter Chococat cologne spray (smells like chocolate oranges) -10% off

The Vampire Diaries: The Complete Second Season (eBay - $19 shipped!)
Slatkin & Co. Cinnamon Sugared Donut wallflower
True Blue Spa Pumpkin Renewing Face Mask

The Vampire Diaries is one of my favorite shows, so you know I had to have the second season! I plan to re-watch the whole season before the third season premieres this Thursday. That's another thing I love about September -- all of my favorite shows are back on!

As promised, lip swatches!

Dolce & Gabbana Cinnamon

Tom Ford Nude Vanille

Topshop Pillow Talk

Sephora Lip Attitude Glamour G19

This post is so pic-heavy already, I'll just put in some Sammy & Mouse pics in the FOTD post I plan on putting up next.

As always, thanks so much for reading!

<3 Jess


  1. I want all of these!!! So jel of this haul xxx

  2. Ooh everything you got is so pretty! Esp love all the lippies!! xx

  3. great haul! I ended up getting Stunner from the MAC me over collection!

  4. Jessica I lovelove your style! I wanted that Tom Ford Nude Vanille, too. I'm sorry about the broken lippie, that sux :-/ I have a couple of these things... where did you find Chococat chocolate orange perfume? Jealous :)

  5. You've picked up so many nice things! The YSL palette looks lovely! I'm also tempted to pick up a Sleek Pout Paint, it looks really pigmented and soft.

  6. You got some beautiful things girl! I love all the gorgeous lipsticks and that YSL palette *swoooooon* Midnight Blues looks quite a bit like Siahi fluidline, thanks for showing us how it looks on because I was thinking of picking it up but now that I see they're pretty close once applied, I can skip :) Love the owl candle too by the way, how cute!

  7. Such a great bunch here, I love the idea of the Demeter fragrance being like chocolate oranges mmm. Am desperate to go in to see the MAC me over collection, saving is driving me batty!

  8. I love when you haul. Love it all. That Topshop lipstick looks super pretty on you, btw. I've never tried any of from the brand. Maybe I should? :D xxx

  9. Omg AMAZING haul! I'm so jealous of your Tom Ford lippie, Idk if I'd ever have the dosh for it but it's just so pretty looking :) Hope you get a better one next time though!

    The MAC purchases look lush too, and love the YSL pouch :) I always wonder if I should try the Touche Eclat..

  10. what a gorgeous and whimsical collection! Nude Vanille is certainly what I would have chose from Tom Ford too. I love a good pale lippie =)

  11. bam bam bam hit on every picture like :O, Tom Ford!! DG lippies, Free YSL bag, Owl Candle!!! girl, you know how to do it right!!!! where did u get the Tokyo Milk lotion?? awesome lip swatches!

  12. I have that same bunny pendant! I couldn't decide between the gold or silver, so I got both lol
    The bunny earrings are too cute!
    Love everything you got!:)

  13. Oh wow the lipsticks are beautiful, I either need cinnamon (weird name, think someone was confused over at D&G lol) or nude vanille like you mentioned! And um, I LOVE owls, I have a collection of 3 antique ones and I occasionally go to good will to see if they have any...I really want an amber glass one. Can't wait to see the YSL FOTD!

  14. Hi lovely ladies! Thanks for all your fab comments!

    UrbanMermaid - Just wanted to comment on your GORGEOUS avatar pic! I love your hair color!

    Kelly - I had actually ordered Stunner, but didn't like it on my cheeks - for some reason it made me look like I have rosacea! I was totally surprised by Equilibrium, though - it's really flattering on!

    Sarah - I found the Chococat spray at the Sanrio store. They had all the Demeter fragrances on a shelf behind the counter. The one I got was the last one my store had and was a tester (but looked like it had never been sprayed!), so they gave me a discount on it. I have the My Melody (almond/marzipan) and Sanrio (bubblegum) one, too, and love them! I've seen the Hello Kitty one (strawberry/apple) at Walgreens recently - although, I have to say, I don't like that one. :\

    Kat - I really like the texture of the Pout Paint. I have an OCC lip tar, and I find it pretty drying, but the Pout Paint isn't at all! It is quite heavily-scented, though, so if that bothers you, you might want to stay away!

    Emma - What is this thing you call "saving"? lol

    Rachel - I really like Topshop lipsticks! If you were to venture into the brand, I'd go with Nevada, Pillow Talk, and/or Ooh La La - they're my favorites that I've tried.

    J - They sell Tokyomilk products at Anthropologie! They also sell them online at and They have the cutest packaging!

    Betty - I have a thing for animal accessories, can you tell? ;)

    Aleksis - Yeah, when I think "Cinnamon" I think of a frosty brown or something - I can't help but think Buttercream would've been a better name for it! I definitely think you'd like both Cinnamon and Nude Vanille - they're fab nudes! I have a thing for forest animals in general - owls, rabbits, deer... I can't get enough!

  15. Great haul! All of the lipsticks look gorgeous and wow you got Revlon Facets of Fuchsia!

  16. Oooh, I love that Midnight Blues eyeliner and the YSL palette! I'm excited about the nail polish, too. My latest favorite is Orly Luxe, which is a really pretty gold.

    And I love, love, love the kitty pix!

  17. WOW! The haul is amazing, especially the lipsticks! Want all of them!!! They look gorgeous! Oh, i love nudes! Can you tell me please what lipstick is more peachy (?) D&G or Tom Ford?

  18. Hi Vicky! I'd say Cinnamon is more peachy, while Nude Vanille leans more pink. Nude Vanille is also a thicker consistency (applies best when dabbed on and blended, in my opinion), while Cinnamon is lighter and looks best applied straight from the tube. Hope that helps!

  19. I forgot to ask you, how are the scents of the D&G lipsticks? One girl wrote that they smelled so bad she had to give them away...??

  20. I think it's kind of a powdery rose scent. It's not my favorite, but I don't mind it. I can look past it for a great shade. The one I can't stand is the scent of Sleek pout polishes - so many people have said the vanilla scent is nice, but I think it smells really artificial and it lingers on your lips - I can't stand it! Oh, and L'Oreal - yuck! :\

  21. Jess, thank you for your help! I think i will get Cinnamon then, cause i definitely prefer peachy nudes! Now i need to figure out where to order it (in UK) :-)