Monday, May 9, 2011

it's that time again....

Hey ladies! My funds are crying big fat broke tears after the shopping I've done this past month. Why oh why do all the most gorgeous things have to be released at once? I also just love, love, love spring and love to break out my maxi dresses, sandals, and work lighter makeup, brighter lips, and messy hair. I'm really loving all the new gloss balm-type products that have come out lately, too! I feel like all I've been wearing lately are my Chanel Rouge Coco Shines, YSL Volupte Sheer Candy, and 17 Mirrorshine in Beehive! Really want to try the new Dior Addict line, too... but for now, I'm staying away, for my and my wallet's safety!!

Anyways, on with the haul!

Soleil Tan de Chanel in Bronze Rose, Diorskin Nude Healthy Glow powder in Aurora

Dior Aurora - so insanely pretty!

When I saw the blogger frenzy over the Dior Aurora powder, I knew I had to have it - a bronzer suitable for fair skintones that doesn't run orange? I'm in!

But why, why, did Chanel have to come out with their stunning Bronze Rose Soleil Tan powder just days later? It's also a great buy for fair-skinned girls, and like Dior's Aurora, is a multi-purpose product - it's basically a bronzer, blush, and setting powder in one.  Even though these were NOT bargain buys by any means, sometimes you do get what you pay for, and these were definitely worth it for me. I've been using them both nonstop since their arrival. I can't sing their praises enough!

Sephora Jumbo Liner pencil in 05 Beige, Smashbox Limitless Liquid Liner Pen (black), Sephora by OPI Once a Cheetah Always a Cheetah nail polish, Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Beauty Balm (BB cream)

The Sephora Jumbo liner in Beige is a total dupe for Urban Decay's 24/7 Shadow Pencil in Sin, but leaning more beige (duh) than pink. I've really been loving it as a liner on the lower lashline and in the inner corners.

My MAC Superslick liner has been on my nerves lately, and I've been wanting to repurchase my old beloved Smashbox liner pen, but every time I'd go to Ulta or Sephora, they'd be sold out! Needless to say, when I finally saw one on the shelf, I snatched it up!

The Once a Cheetah polish was an impulse buy - it was so stunning on the display! I was a little disappointed in how sheer and unevenly it applied, though.  Really pretty, but maybe this one's a better-on-the-toes polish.

I've been wanting to try a BB cream for AGES, and when I heard Sephora was going to be carrying two of them by Dr. Jart+, I wanted to go check them out.  I preferred the Water Fuse+, as it has pretty decent coverage and a dewy finish. I plan to use this on it's-too-hot-for-makeup days this summer!

Sephora by OPI ...Always a Cheetah nail polish (it matched a car! haha)

got2b POWDER'ful Volumizing Styling Powder, Macadamia Healing Oil Spray, Urban Decay Melt Down Makeup Remover

I wanted to try got2B's new powder-to-paste styling product, as I really love Aveda's Pure Abundance Hair Potion but I never repurchased because it's super pricey ($24 compared to got2B's $6). I still think Aveda's version is better at creating lasting volume, though. Oh well!

The Macadamia Healing Oil spray is similar to Moroccanoil in that it's supposed to make hair smooth and shiny.  I also think it smells amazing! It has better ingredients (and a better applicator, no greasy hands!) than Moroccanoil, but I still prefer the latter's results (and scent!). I wish I could find a suitable replacement - I hate the silicones in Moroccanoil - they irritate my skin! I can't complain about the Macadamia spray, though, especially since I got it for 50% off at CVS - steal!

The Urban Decay Melt Down Makeup Remover was definitely an impulse buy - I went to Ulta for a box of hair color and saw a display of new Urban Decay products, and here we are! It's too pricey, in my opinion, but I LOVE that it's a light cream consistency as opposed to an oil, balm, or liquid. It also smells really nice. I think makeup remover wipes are still the way to go for quick and thorough makeup removal, but this is still a fun product to try.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Chance, Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation (B10)

I love, love, LOVE Chanel's new Rouge Coco Shine range.  I love Evasion so much and, dare I say, I think I love Chance even more.  It's the most beautiful creamy pale pink that looks great alone or with a gloss on top (a coral-y shade is my choice - Chanel's Rouge Extrait de Gloss in Genie is perfect!). It doesn't settle into lines or gunk up between your lips with time/wear, and the packaging is perfect for me to slip in my pocket at work.

And while I raved about Clinique's Moisture Surge TM, I thought it might be the culprit behind a recent breakout, so I jumped at the opportunity to try something new, and I'm SO GLAD I did.  I really think Chanel's Vitalumiere Aqua could be my new HG foundation.  It is just awesome! It looks so natural, while still giving great coverage for my redness and blemishes. It has SPF and a light scent, but no breakouts in sight! You definitely need to shake this one up before using, and I prefer to apply it with a brush for more coverage.  I love the compact packaging and squeeze bottle, too.  This is my first ever go at a Chanel foundation, and it was definitely a smart move! It also does not make me super oily mid-day or vanish around my t-zone, which was my fear, as I know that happened with my friend Tiffany (WillWorkforMakeup). I recommend getting a sample before committing to any foundation, and this is no different.  What works for one person may not work for you, and vice versa!

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Chance

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Chance

Chance w/Chanel Genial Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss on top - my current fave combo

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua (B10), Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Beauty Balm (no shade)

Despite what it looks like from the photo (they're not fully blended), these both are great matches for my skin tone.  The BB cream is more of a tinted moisturizer, but I find it has more coverage than Origins Vitazing (my go-to TM).

Calypso St. Barth for Target tea/votive glasses

Calypso St. Barth for Target tea/votive glasses

...just so you can see how they're displayed in my home...

Miss Trish of Capri for Target sandals (Jaguar decals - love!)

YSL Volupte Sheer Candy in 02 Papaya

YSL Volupte Sheer Candy in 02 Dewy Papaya

Sephora Too Faced VIB beauty gift (includes eyeshadow palette and Shadow Insurance primer), NARS Dogon eyeshadow duo, NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Bolero, LORAC Front of the Line PRO liquid liner pen, Korres Lip Butter Glaze in Jasmine, OPI Silver Shatter nail polish, Illamasqua Tremble blush

Korres Lip Butter Glaze in Jasmine, YSL Volupte Sheer Candy in Papaya, NARS Bolero lip pencil, NARS Dogon eyeshadow duo, Illamasqua Tremble blush (pardon my scar!)

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Bolero

Korres Lip Butter Glaze in Jasmine

I wanted to compare the Korres Lip Butter Glaze in Jasmine to my Clarins Lip Perfector (shade 03) because I found them to be similar in appearance (on the lips, that is), texture, and flavor/scent. The Clarins is a bit lighter in color and the Korres is a bit thicker, but I still think they could be dupes!

for comparison's sake, Clarins Natural Lip Perfector 03

Clarins Lip Perfector 03, Korres Lip Butter Glaze in Jasmine

Eshu Skin Assist face scrub, B&BW Vanilla Pistachio antibacterial hand soap, Yes to Blueberries Age Refresh Brightening facial towelettes

The Eshu Skin Assist face scrub is actually a men's skincare product, but I got a sample from Sephora and was IN LOVE - the sample didn't specify it was for men! I'm just going to use it very sparingly, as men's face scrubs tend to be harsher than those targeted at women.  Its main ingredient is walnut shells, and it has a really nice eucalyptus/mint/menthol scent (menthol is far down on the ingredients list, and so far my skin has not been irritated by it).

The Vanilla Pistachio soap smells AMAZING - reminds me of pistachio macarons, yum! The best part is it was on sale for $2.50 - I wish I'd bought two!

I was buying the OPI Silver Shatter at Ulta and wanted to get my purchase past $10 - I had a $5 off $10 coupon - and I've since been liking the Yes to Blueberries serum quite a bit, I decided to try the facial towelettes. First off I will say the scents of the two products are completely different. Both smell great, but the serum is kind of a nutmeg/vanilla scent, while the towelettes are very fruity.  I like them so far, but the Neutrogena's makeup remover wipes are still the best, in my opinion.

Just for fun, what I've been reading this past month :)

I love a good book! I'm almost done with The Peach Keeper, about a third of the way into The Adults, and I just got Summer and the City and can't wait to dive in. Gotta finish The Peach Keeper first, though!

*sigh* Can it just stay spring through September? I hate Florida summers - too darn hot! :P

Anyways, I hope you've all been having a great May! I'm sure I'll see you lovelies soon. :)

Thanks for reading!

<3 Jess


  1. OK so the Chanel lipstick looked beautiful by itself anyway, but under that gloss... WOW! It looks totally stunning!

    I'm also very much coveting the YSL lipstick and the Dior Aurora... *drool*

    What a fantastic haul. Good work! :D

  2. I just saw on sephora's website that Sephora added a new retractable brow pencil that looks like a dupe for the mac ones!! It's the same amount of product and it's cheaper!! I can't wait to see if they are in stores yet.

  3. I just bought Skin79's Hot Pink BB Cream, but Dr. Jart's looks so tempting too. I am glad to hear that it works well..because I'll probably be purchasing it soon :)
    I really enjoyed reading about your entire haul...amazing. Everything sounds beautiful!

  4. WOW!!!!! incredible haul post i was drooling at half for my wish list and nodding at the other half bc i prob broke down and got it myself! ahh u got Chanel Rose and Dior! hard to choose, i chose Dior but Chanel was def number 2 on my list!!

  5. HOW come we desire/buy the exact same things?! I love everything you bought, mostly because most of it is on my "MUST BUY" list!

    Lovely haul. Even though your bank account may be crying it seems like it was all worth it!

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Oh I love Illasmasqua's Tremble! It gives such a gorgeous glow. I always get compliments when I'm wearing it, so I hope it works out just as well for you!

  7. Such an enviable haul, I'm very proud of that=)

    So many things I want now ><

  8. I just wish we had Bath&body works here in Europe, seems like their products are great! :( Maybe I'll have one day a chance to try them out.
    Anyways I love your blog :))

  9. Passing fancy - I'm actually not a huge fan of Bath & Body Works! I like their wall plug-ins and hand soaps (and the best thing in the store is the candles, by Slatkin & Co.), but I don't shop there often - only when they're having a sale or I have a coupon!