Sunday, October 17, 2010

my chicago trip - w/lots of pics! :)

Hi guys! Sorry for my long absence - I worked a 7-day week before my 5-day trip to Chicago two weeks ago, and then when I got back I got right back to working and just got lazy!!  Anyways, thought you might like to see some pics from the trip.  I planned to do a few FOTDs, but now I forgot what products I used - oops!

The trip was awesome, as are ALL my trips to Chicago (sometimes I think about moving back....). I was there for my cousin Christie's wedding, so lots of quality family time was to be had! :) The weather was *perfect* as well - beautiful leaves falling (that doesn't happen in Orlando!) and warm temperatures.  I'm just generally really happy from October through the beginning of January - I love fall/winter holidays!

I spent the first day in St. Charles w/my parents.  The second day was the wedding - reading at a park w/Dad, eating hot dogs at Portillos, helping my aunt Connie & Mom set up decorations for the wedding... with lots of hanging out in my hotel room in between! The third day I visited my grandparents, had lunch w/my best girlfriend since I was born - my cousin Amy (found out she's preggers!! I was a bridesmaid in her wedding back in July), then the family got together at my aunt Laura's for a dinner party (tacos!).  The fourth day I spent with my parents, shopping at Woodfield Mall, lunch at Cheesecake Factory, going to see The Social Network (really good - definitely lusting after Andrew Garfield now!), and ordering room service for dinner because Cheesecake Factory had us feeling full until 10 PM!!  The fifth day was my last - my parents and I visited my brother and his girlfriend downtown and had lunch with them at the Sit-Down, a family-run restaurant w/great sushi and sandwiches.  Then it was time to head to Midway for my flight home... sad goodbyes, etc.... but Mom, Dad, and possibly Jonathan will be visiting for Christmas, and I'm sure I'll be a busy girl until then!

Sorry for all the rambling about the day-to-day stuff -- it's more for my own memory preservation! lol

Avocado melt - AMAZING

cute children's books from a little bookshop in St. Charles

a little Target hauling...

bella by illume Falling Leaves candle - I love seasonal scents!!

dress: Gap, sweater: Ann Taylor Loft, scarf: Target, 
flats: Vivienne Westwood/Melissa Anglomania, watch: Michael Kors

FOTD for the wedding...

this is what I call the MK&A duck-lip smile! lol

I spent a lot of the wedding day in the hotel room - nice view, though!

my aunt took this pic & the one below - love this one!

my cousins Sarah, Christie, & Amy w/their men

w/my grandpa :)

w/my bro & Amy (she didn't know she was preggers till the next day!)

w/my aunt Connie

w/Mom, Dad, little bro, & his g/f Kim

w/Amy's stepdaughter Kaley (& Barbie)

Rocky & his baby taking a nap (so cute!)
Cheyenne - the meowiest kitty ever (and softest!)

another FOTD...

cute caricature of my bro & his gf w/their doggy

I did a bit of hauling at Woodfield, too, but more on that later!  I'm sure I'll see you all soon - hope you're having a great fall!



  1. Looks like a really fun trip. The avocado melt looks delicious!

  2. Amazing photos I love your blog!
    Glad I found it :)
    Will be back!
    Check out my photos from Fashion Jam : a fashion show put together for charity!
    XO Veronica

  3. love your pics Jes! where the heck was that burger? looks yummy!

  4. It wasn't a burger, Laur, it was like a BLT w/avocado and cheese and herbs... I think... I wish I would've taken a pic from the side! lol I just remember it was delicious!!

  5. That trip looked like so much fun :) I really enjoy reading your blog and love all the pictures you post! I noticed you have the VW Melissa flats....I am dying to back a pair of her flats but live in Canada so would have to order them online :( I checked Saks online and they will ship to Canada but with post and everything out it would be $70 ontop of the price of the shoes eekkk ahahha so I am trying to find them elsewhere. my question is how do they fit??? If I am going to order them online I am terrified I will get the wrong size....I wear a size 6 US/Canadian. Any advice would be great....sorry for this long post ahahah....keep up with your awesome blog.

  6. Hi Avental! I ordered them through Zappos - do they ship to Canada? They fit true to size for me (I'm a size 10). I have another pair of Melissa shoes that are a 10 and fit perfectly, too. I'd definitely recommend them - it's odd to say this, but they smell really good too! haha Good luck!

  7. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly :) This truely helps! I heard they smell like bubble gum yummmmy!! ahahhaha I am looking at getting the zen girl flats...oh...and I do love the heels too! Thanks again.

  8. Such lovely photos! cute blog too :) now following xo