Monday, October 25, 2010

HAUL time! (Sephora, B&BW, Target, Forever21, shoes, books, movies)

Wow, it's been a loooong time since I've done a haul post.  This is all from the past month and a half or so, with some birthday presents and Chicago stuff in there, too. 

Pony necklace (Forever21), Barbie ornament (Hallmark), Peace Love & Juicy Couture rollerball, Ginger scalp care shampoo (Body Shop), Clinique Redness Solutions makeup, MUFE Mat Velvet +, Estee Lauder Peach Nuance blush

I'm going to exchange the MUFE Mat Velvet +, the finish is just too powdery matte for me, with not enough coverage.  I really like the Clinique Redness Solutions, though! The Estee Lauder blush is amaaazing, too. You can bet both will be in monthly faves. :)

Bath & Body Works (sale!)
Holly Wreath & Twisted Peppermint mini candles, Winter & Holly Wreath plug-ins
(got Pumpkin Patch, too, but it's currently in use...)

Nine West booties (I'm obsessed with these - can't wait to wear them on my days off!)

Target <3
bella by illume Vanilla Amber candle (repurchase - one of my faves), Kings & Queens Queen Elizabeth Sugar body butter, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins 

All Kings & Queens stuff was 50% off - guess that means they won't be selling it at Target anymore, which is a bummer 'cause I loooove this range! But the sale was great, because I've wanted the Sugar body butter for months but I didn't want to spent $14.99 - but I couldn't resist for half that! I kind of want to go back and get more stuff, because the prices are so good.  The body washes are about $4 each! Oh, in case you're interested, the Sugar range smells like pomegranate and honey - it's *gorgeous*! I've never smelled anything like it.

Forever21 sweatshirt

JCPenney (ana) sweaters 

The Iron Giant, Beauty and the Beast (fiiiiinally!), How to Train Your Dragon
(three of my favorite movies ever...),
Phyto Phytojoba shampoo, Firelight by Sophie Jordan, Philosophy Sugary Cinnamon Icing 3-in-1

I finished reading Firelight last week (read Mini-Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella, too!) - really good book, excited to see what happens next! It's like Twilight with dragon shapeshifters.  Aaaawesome. ;) I'm going to have to do a post about Phyto - this shampoo is seriously amazing.  I don't even need a conditioner with this shampoo.  It's a little runny, but it smells amazing, and makes my hair soft, full, and frizz-free. Love it!

More to come!

Thanks for reading!
<3 Jess


  1. PLEASE tell me you've already read Hunger Games and you're just buying a second copy because of how great it is.

  2. Great Haul! Love the look of that blushers - stunning xx

  3. WOW Fab haul- the blusher looks great.

    Please can you tell me what lipstick you are wearing in the picture at the top of your page, it's lush!!!

  4. I LOVE the boots! I'm curious about this shampoo - where did you get it? Love the Barbie ornament, too.

  5. Erica - I just started reading it, and so far, I love it!

    Vivianna - Thanks! It's a great peachy pink, a nice dupe for MAC's Ripe Peach (which I don't have). I was so excited when the sales rep told me it was in stock - it's hard to find!

    Cheeky - Thanks! The lipstick is MAC Ruby Woo - my favorite red, for sure!

    Mom - I got a sample of it from Sephora in Woodfield. They sell at Sephora, of course, but I got mine from, because I had $14 "drugstore dollars" (like cash-back) to burn! Pretty sure it's available from and Zappos, too. It's pricey, but I don't need to use a conditioner with it, so it's not too bad!

  6. Oh I just love the Hunger Games. Such good books!

    & I found that I didn't like the MUFE Mat Velvet + for the same reason. I think I'll have to try that Clinique foundation though.

    Love your hauls!

  7. I like the Redness Solutions because it gives good coverage, blends nicely (I think fingers work best to apply), and has a dewy finish (I have combination skin). I need to set with powder in the t-zone or else it gets too oily, and I don't care for the smell (which is very faint, though), but everything else is great. I'm thinking of doing a review post...

  8. I kind of wanted to try the MUFE velvet plus, but maybe not - the powdery looks isnt so attractive lol.
    Great all otherwise :)

  9. Great haul! The booties look so comfy (=