Thursday, April 5, 2012

what i've bought (target, sephora, shu uemura, old navy, etc.)

I know this is the time of month when most people post their monthly favorites. Well, I think taking pictures of my favorites is, well, dull as dishwater. I plan on making a video, but - keeping it real - it's that other time of the month, too, and I'm feeling less than fabulous! Hopefully it'll be up by the weekend. I'll keep you posted!

Meanwhile, I thought you might be interested in what's been burning a hole through my wallet the past month. Be warned, it's a random lot!

Just like I did last time I posted a haul, I'm going to post lip swatches in a separate post (and put a link to it in this one). I just feel like it makes for easier reading and cuts down the already massive number of photos! >_<

On with the show!

  • L'Occitane Honey hand cream (Sephora) - this has quickly become a staple. It's small size is perfect for me to carry around while I'm at work. I'm constantly washing my hands, so it's great to pop this out afterwards for some moisture! It smells like pure honey, too, which is a huge plus in my book. I LOVE honey!
  • Lip Smackers lip balms (Target) - Um, kind of went balm-crazy at Target. The Minnie & Daisy ones were a set. I love the 80's-ish packaging, and the scents are all sweet and foody (cupcake, cotton candy, and "sweetie pie" - which smells like berries, not my fave!). The Ice Cream Cake one is amaaaazing. My fave of the bunch. I've been keeping it in my makeup bag.
  • L'Oreal Colour Riche nail polishes: Walk on the Beach, L'Orange, Spice It Up (all from Target), and Tangerine Crush (Walgreens) - I pretty much ignored this nail polish launch initially. I had picked up Club Prive and liked it, but none of the other shades caught my eye. I'm so glad I gave them a second look, because they are seriously good stuff! My favorite is Walk on the Beach.

  • Alba Botanica Hawaiian hair & body products - I saw this display on an aisle endcap, and when I popped up the caps for a whiff, I about doubled over. These are seriously some of the most amazing scents I've ever experienced.  I've used them all, too, and have nothing but the highest praises to give them. Added bonus, they lack the harsh, unnatural ingredients a lot of hair and shower products have (no parabens, harsh sulfates, etc.) and have loads of natural ingredients, like plant and fruit extracts. I plan on repurchasing the Mai Tai shower gel, for sure. It's like Hawaiian Punch for your loofah. (It's a good thing.) The Lava Flow smells EXACTLY like Lush's Lime Smoothie, which is one of my favorites, and also hard to get your hands on. Bonus! I'm so excited about these, I've gotta cut myself now and move on!

  • Flora by Gucci: Glamorous Magnolia - Um, speaking of amazing scents. Just give this a whiff if you get a chance. It's light, citrus, floral, and delicious! It's not at all headache-inducing. I get compliments on fragrance sparingly, and since buying this last week, I've already gotten several! This is good stuff, people. <3 I fear it's limited edition, which makes me want to back it up (must resist...). 

  • Royal Apothic Extract of Neem rollerball (Anthropologie) - I had $10 left on an Anthropologie gift card I received for Christmas (can you BELIEVE the willpower??), and I used it for this little guy. I have the Extract of Macaroon rollerball by Royal Apothic, and love it to death, so imagine my excitement when I saw they had released a new range. This one is very unusual, like sweet grass with a bit of fruit in there, too. I think it just screams warm weather. And they're only $16, which is a total steal (most rollerballs are around the $20 range).

Revlon Siren, Essence In The Nude

Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited BG911, CR330

Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited BG935

Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Cream in Creamsicle, Revlon Colorburst lip gloss in Bellini & Sizzle

(a closer shot to show the slight pearl in Bellini)

Buxom Lip Cream in White Russian

  • Sephora + Pantone Universe Blush Duo (Sephora VIB sale) - What sold me on this duo was the shade on the left. It's such a great bright matte peach. Both shades are very pigmented, but as you can see from the swatch below, Coral contains an insane amount of shimmer particles that makes it completely unwearable for me. Maybe it would work as a shadow? I don't know - I basically pretended I was just paying for Desert Flower with a bonus blush. 

Blush Duo swatches: Desert Flower & Coral

  • Paddywax Edgar Allan Poe Library candle (Cardamom, Absynth, & Sandalwood) - I'd wanted this candle for ages, and when I saw it on sale at, I finally caved. As a big reader, I love the concept, and the quote on the candle itself is one of my favorites. I had a bookmark with that quote that I used all the time in high school. And the scent is really intoxicating - spicy and masculine.
Ready for some raaaaaaandom??

  • Easter baskets! (Target) - Most random purchase ever, right? They were $2.50 each, and I just couldn't resist the cuteness, to be honest! I've been using them for storage at the moment (one is currently housing black pantyhose for work! haha). I think everyone can use some mindless cuteness in their lives. ;)

cotton dress from Old Navy

lightweight sweatshirt top from Old Navy

The combined total for the dress & top from Old Navy was less than $40. I love me some cheap clothes! Cheap clothes, expensive makeup. That's my way of life, friends. ;)

Hope you enjoyed this all-over-the-place haul! I definitely spread my monies across the board, didn't I? ;) Like I said, the lip swatches will posted separately (and quickly behind!), so stay tuned.

Hope to see you all soon, and if you're suffering from a certain monthly ailment as I am, I feel you, man. <3 <3 ThermaCare heat wraps and ibuprofen for the win. ;)

<3 Jess

P.S. You guys kill me with the awesome that you are. I'm almost at 600 followers here and just past 800 on Youtube. Thanks for sticking with me and my crazy cat lady ways. <3 <3 Can't send enough love your way!


  1. OMG Revlon Siren= I've been wanting this for the longest time along with Strawberry Suede (have you tried that one?) but for some reason can't be bothered to track them down :p You lip swatches are glorious my god I need this now, no excuse.
    I LOVE your Old Navy sweatshirt top, it's so spot-on for spring!

    The Paddywax candle had me drool, not gonna lie. The Poe one seems to be the one I'd like the most out of the bunch, scent-wise, but I'd love to get the Jane Austen one as she's one of my favourite authors. Shame they don't ship to the UK :(

    The Coral side of the blush duo would actually look great as a lipgloss, I think :p

    The Royal apothic bottle is stunning!

    I recommend L'Occitane's hand cream in general - the most moisturizing is the shea butter one that has no fragrance. Personally I'm partial to the rose ones (they have different types of roses and even a four-rose scent that's divine). I can't remember if you've tried their shower oil but it's amazing for shaving and smells out of this world (almond for the win!)

    Absolutely love your blog, I'm so glad I discovered it.


  2. I really like Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited BG935

  3. I love this post, but it's mainly cause it inspires me to go shopping lol I'm wearing Tangerine Crush on my toes and it's such a pretty spring color.

  4. I love it all, you make me want to shop!! Is the Essence lipstick a new color for the line? I've never seen that shade before.

  5. I'm the same! Cheap clothes, $$$ makeup :D

  6. A literary candle?! Count me in!

    ♥ Jessica

  7. Another great haul..with great lippies. You look beautiful (as always)! Hmmm that shampoo is something I might look into, seems fabulous!
    <3 Amber