Wednesday, July 20, 2011

more ysl fall 2011: rouge volupte perle #108 & nail polish #43 wintergreen

Rouge Volupte Perle #108 Celestial Mauve

Celestial Mauve on the lips

Celestial Mauve on lips, Wintergreen nail polish (one coat) on pinky nail

Wintergreen nail polish (one coat)

I swatched the nail polish but didn't buy it - however, it's definitely on my wish list! It's such a beautiful shade.

I just wanted to do this post quickly while it's still relevant.  So far, I'm really loving YSL's fall collection - it's full of stunners!!

Thanks for reading!

<3 Jess


  1. GORGEOUS! I still haven't even tried mine on yet! It looks the same on you as it did Kelly ( I think you guys have about the same coloring). It's seriously of the prettiest pale pinks I've seen in a long time :) <3 xxx

  2. When I went back and tried it on and I was like, givemenow. These really remind me of Rouge Voluptes but easier to work with. I just know people are gonna go crazy when they become more widely available!

  3. Girl you're killing me with all this YSL madness!! I only own 2 YSL lipsticks, #148 Tea Rose and Pur Couture #6 and you make me want more!! Have you also checked the blushes from the fall collection? There's a peachy one I'm intrested in.

  4. I finally gave them a whirl tonight and thought the *same* exact thing. They're basically an updated more "user-friendly" version of the OG RVs. I love all 3 colors HARD :D <3 xxx

  5. Oooh I love that nail polish too, such a pretty shade!! That lippie looks good on you! Seriously is there ever a colour that looks bad on you though? Doubt it!! :p

  6. oh the lipstick is amazing and i looove the name!!!! the nail polish looks like something from the OPI swiss or Butterfly collection

  7. Kayleigh - oh, there are definitely shades that don't suit me! MAC Blankety is probably the worst - it makes me look like a corpse! Also, most grey nudes or brown-toned lipsticks look awful on me. You're making me want to do a post on the subject! haha!

    J - The shimmer is really subtle. I don't own anything like it! (I don't own any of the OPI Swiss polishes, though.) Have you seen the Dior St. Tropez nail polish? OMG, I'm lusting after that one. <3

  8. Love this shade, it may be my second YSL lipstick :)

  9. The whole collection is at Nordstrom in Seattle now. It's gorgeous and something for everyone.