Thursday, March 17, 2011

collective haul w/reviews, swatches: sephora, ulta, target, etc.

First off, I wanted to say thanks for all the lovely comments on my last post.  I'm doing loads better and I'm actually in a pretty happy place right now. :)

Anyways, it's been ages since I've posted a haul, so let me share what I've purchased in the past month or so.

Tokyomilk Dark lip balms in Salted Caramel and Coco Noir, Essie Topless & Barefoot nail polish, MAC Viva Glam Gaga II lipstick, Stila Prime Pot in Taffy, ring from Target, Adele 21, NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Tokyo, Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color in Bikini Pink

The Tokyomilk lip balms are really delicious! They remind me of Rosebud Salve but much less greasy, and better tasting/smelling. On that note, they are very richy scented, so if you don't like foody scents, I'd steer clear.

Bobbi Brown Bikini Pink is a gorgeous natural pink that's great for everyday - definitely work-safe.  My favorite thing about it is the consistency - super-creamy without feeling too thick.  Nice!

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Tokyo is a nice pale pink shade, which I always have difficulty resisting.  I'd call this a "nice to have" but definitely not a must.  I'm not a fan of the mousse-like texture.  It feels like it will slip right off my lips. :P

No need to discuss Adele's album - it's just brilliant. :)

Stila's Prime Pot in Taffy is a beautiful neutral shade that reminds me quite a bit of MAC's Painterly paint pot, but I think I actually like this more! It's been my go-to base for matte shadows since I got it (UDPP in Sin is my fave for everything else).

MAC's Viva Glam Gaga II lipstick is something I thought I'd absolutely be skipping, but when I swatched it I was really won over.  My guy even commented on how much he liked my lipstick when I was wearing it - shocked! It's surprisingly wearable, but can go a little brown/grey if I'm not careful! I really love amplified cream lipsticks from MAC, which this one is.

Essie Topless & Barefoot is GORGEOUS, possibly my favorite nude polish I own. It's also a great base shade for "experimental" nail looks, like the one I did below w/a black Sally Hansen nail art pen:

Essie's Topless & Barefoot w/Sally Hansen black nail art pen

Stila Convertible Color in Gerbera, MAC Supremely Confident sheen supreme lipstick

Stila Convertible Color in Gerbera, MAC Supremely Confident sheen supreme lipstick

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Color Renew shampoo, Batiste dry shampoo in Blush, Clean & Clear Finishes Mattifying cleanser, Formula 10.0.6 Seriously Shine Free Mattifying Oil-Free Moisturizer w/aloe vera & bamboo (that's a mouthful!!), Formula 10.0.6 In the T Zone mattifying cloth masks w/zinc & marshmallow, Philosophy Sugar Chick 3-in-1

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Color Renew - not sold on this one. Even though I got it with coupons, I'm wishing I'd passed.  I haven't noticed any difference whatsoever and I'm not a fan of the way it leaves my hair feeling or the standard drugstore (read: chemically?) shampoo scent. 

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush - Like this one a lot.  I'm mostly a daily hair-washer, but on days I'm in a rush, this is great.  It's also nice for a volume boost midday. I've noticed some people have commented that they don't like the scent, but I kind of like it, but don't find that it lasts anyways.

Like the Clean & Clear cleanser, but it's not a must-have.

I lovelovelovelove Formula 10.0.6's Deep Down Detox mud mask, and when I saw my Ulta had several other products by the brand, I couldn't resist giving them a try.  I haven't tried the cloth masks yet, but I LOVE the moisturizer so far.  It doesn't break me out which is a HUGE selling point for me because so many moisturizers do! It doesn't contain any silicones, fragrance, or anything else that usually irritates my skin. It doesn't leave my skin at all oily (it is mattifying, after all) but doesn't dry it out either.  I like how quickly it absorbs.  Only downside is that it smells not so amazing... but I wear makeup over my moisturizer anyways, so who cares??

The Philosophy Sugar Chick shower gel smells so delicious! It's like a creamy lemon cake, and it's full of shimmery sparkle, too (no worries, it doesn't stick and turn you into a walking glow-worm...). Definitely one of my favorite scents Philosophy's come out with, and I'm a big fan of Philosophy 3-in-1s, so that's saying something.

Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser with Amazonian White Clay, Mountain Ocean Skin Trip Coconut body lotion (I've used LOADS of this already!)

The Kiehl's cleanser is exfoliating but very gentle.  It claims to be safe for everyday use, but I use it only a few times a week or else it seems to dry me out a bit.  Love it, though!

The Mountain Ocean Coconut lotion is no in-your-face sunscreen coconut scent, it's a very light scent and absorbs very quickly.  I find it really convenient to slather this on post-shower.  I've already used up at least a third of the bottle!  I bought mine at Whole Foods (for about $10 or $11, I think), but they are several online retailers that sell it as well.

Sonia Kashuk brushes, Pixi Succulent Lip Twin in Nude Lily

I really, really love Sonia Kashuk makeup brushes.  I think MAC arguably makes the best brushes on the market, but if they're out of your price range (I only have a select few myself!), Sonia Kashuk makes amazing quality, soft brushes for very reasonable prices.  I LOVE the design on these two brushes. There's also an eyeshadow brush with this design, but I passed on that one for now. Can't wait to try these out!

The Pixi Succulent Lip Twin in Nude Lily is kind of a strange product.  It's supposedly multi-purpose, with the balm in the cap serving as a tinted balm for lips and cheeks, and the tube portion contains a lip gloss.  I just feel weird about applying something directly to my lips and then to my cheeks.  So far I've only used it as a tinted lip balm.  The gloss part also has a crap applicator, as in none - it's a squeeze tube which dispenses too much product each time I try to use it. I love the the color the balm gives my lips and find it to be pretty moisturizing as well.  The downside though is that is smells/tastes HORRIBLE, plastic-y and cheap (similar to the NARS lip gloss/lip lacquer taste - yuck), and it doesn't fade. I still want to use it, because the color is so nice, but UGH! :\ Also, the price is ridiculous. $18? Really?

Pixi Succulent Lip Twin in Nude Lily: balm for lips/cheeks (cap), lip gloss (tube)

Pixi Succulent Lip Twin in Nude Lily on lips (balm only)

Merona coral dress, Jovovich-Hawk for Target dress

I wanted the Jovovich-Hawk for Target dress years ago when it first was released, but couldn't afford it at the time.  I was thrilled to see it again and couldn't resist this time!

The Merona dress was a steal at $20, and I'm sure I'll get loads of wear out of it in the brutal summer months.  Love the color, too. :)

navy top from Gap

Last but not least, a basic navy top from Gap.  Loved the fit and the price ($20ish, I believe?), and I'm sure I'll wear this one a lot as well.

Hope you all enjoying this big ol' rambly haul! Love you guys!

<3 Jess


  1. Great collective haul!!
    Lot's of good info in there!!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!!


  2. Great haul!
    That last picture of you is so cute!

    I can't wait to get my hands on the Sheen Supreme lipsticks.

    P.S : Adele = possibly the best vocalist ever!

  3. Ooh, I'll definitely have to look into those TokyoMilk balms!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Hi! Great haul! I've never heard of Tokyomilk, I'll have to track them down ^_^

    Kisses, Melanie

  5. Love that Gap top - so cute :) The sleeves are really pretty :) I got the Stila Gerbera convertible color a couple of weeks ago. :)

  6. your nails are so cute x

  7. I'm glad that Viva Glam Gaga II works on you, I'm not sure it would work on my super pale skintone though x

  8. You've picked up some great stuff.
    Loving the Gap top, you look great!


  9. ah i want to try the nyx matte lip so much! and i've been on the hunt for topless & barefoot for about 4 weeks! also that stila color looks gorgeoussss!

  10. I just found your blog!lovely absolutely lovely.

  11. Hey Jessica, I just wanted to thank you for the very kind shout out on Will Work For Makeup's blog. So sweet and thoughtful of you, and I really appreciate it! <3 xxx

  12. I got that blush brush the other day and I love it! Do you get too much product on it sometimes? I have to get used to mine still!

    What do you think about the Stila convertible color? I really like the colors but I hate buying blushes that don't blend well.

  13. Rachel, it was my pleasure! I love your blog! Vanessa, I tend to pack on the blush, so I haven't noticed yet! haha I really like the convertible color - I use a MAC 130 brush to apply it (it's my go-to for all cream blush products). What I like so much about it is how pretty it is as a lip color, too! I was wearing it on my lips (and a little on my cheeks) in the last pic in this post. :)