Tuesday, January 11, 2011

pics from the last few weeks :)

wearing Ardell lashes, YSL Metallic Colorama, Mod Cloth snood (gift!)

CK sweater ($19 down from $90!) - it has a hidden zipper!

INC 2-fer, scarf, and pouch <3

playing with the phone!

and more playing...

at Tangled w/my friend, her daughter (and my mom - taking the pic!)


My ex took my parents and me to lunch at this great tapas place... 

did Mom's makeup her last day here :)

picking out the new phone! (all the pics above this were taken w/that one!)

Sparky snuggling between Mom and me

Sparky pooped on Christmas day (w/his new rabbit toy!)

See you soon!

<3 Jess


  1. I just love love love your style.

  2. You look just gorgeous- your skin just glows!
    I just saw Tangled- how cute was it!!!

  3. youre so pretty! and I loooovvvve your style...that first sweater with the hidden zipper looks so nice! Hope I could fine one where I live...oh and I LOVED Tangled, I watched it 3 times already lol