Thursday, December 16, 2010

sick again, ramble, + a mini haul (anthropologie, lush, williams sonoma)

  • Anne of Green Gables (Anthropologie exclusive edition, w/cute pinecone bookmark!)
  • Voluspa Makassar Ebony & Peach candle ($9.95 on sale, originally $18)
  • Lush Day of the Dead perfume (ordered this last month, arrived Tuesday)
  • Williams & Sonoma Peppermint Hot Chocolate tin
So, as I'm sure I've said before, I *LOVE* the holidays and all the preparations for them as well.  However, this past month my immune system has been kicking my butt!! Tuesday afternoon I started feeling sick again, and nearly all of Wednesday I spent sleeping either on my bed or the couch. It's just a cold, but wow, is it a mean one! I called in to work today, but luckily my sinuses have started to clear up - I'm just sneezing and coughing a lot.  It's a good thing I didn't go to work - I'm grossing myself out!! haha When I got up today, I was walking around picking up tissues from all over my apartment - it reminded me of that scene in You've Got Mail.  

Since I've gotten some of my energy back, I've started my cleaning spree for when my parents come to visit in a few days (ack! a few days!!) -- this includes cleaning countertops, for those who freaked about the tissues! ;)  I'm doing laundry as we speak, and I've already dusted, cleaned the bathroom counters and mirrors, and changed the bedskirt on my bed (the one I had was torn up by a ceeeeertain 6-lb. someone, ahem...).  Um, can I just say, putting on a bedskirt is a PAIN in the ASS! I managed to knock over my bedside table in the process of putting the mattress back on the bed. Oy.

Earlier today I forced myself to take a shower, get dressed, and go to the store.  I wanted some nasal decongestant medicine, but I ended up getting a warm steam vaporizer, too (sorry, Nick, it's not the cute frog humidifier), and a couple more little gifts for friends.

I also ran into the mall (it's next to Target) specifically to grab a tin of Peppermint Hot Chocolate from Williams Sonoma.  I was tempted already, but watching Michele1218's Holiday Gift Ideas video pushed me over the edge. (Speaking of YouTube gurus - I'm dyyyying over here for a new TheCurrentCustom video - I know people either love or hate Lorraine, but I lovelovelove her. Love her Day in the Life videos on TheCurrentBoobies channel, but it's not the same... *sigh*) 

Since Anthropologie is right next to Williams Sonoma, and it's just so damn inviting, I stepped in there for a browse, too.  This is a never a good idea!! I got the Anne of Green Gables special edition, which I've been lemming for a while, and a yummy Voluspa candle on clearance. Not too much damage done. ;)

I wanted to include Lush's Day of the Dead perfume (terrible name for a perfume, in my opinion - "oh, what's that you're wearing?" "why, it's day of the dead!" "erm.. okay..."), because it just came in the mail the other day and it smells SO GOOD! Really fruity and clean.  Did anyone else pick up any of the limited edition Lush perfumes?  I'm really curious about Big and Snowcake!

Okay, lovelies, I'm gonna go sip some cough syrup and lay down until the laundry's done.  Hope you're all having a great (and healthy!!) December.  See you soon!!

<3 Jess


  1. I got my Snowcake on Tuesday as well. It is ok, very strong unlike the soap and kind of a camp fire smokey essence on me. Not sure that is a good thing.

  2. That's so frustrating! If it's named after the soap, it should smell like it. :P Well, you could always go the eBay route if you decide you don't like it!

  3. Really love your blog its a lovely read i am now following :) xx