Monday, November 9, 2009

Allow me to introduce myself...

Hello, lovelies. I'm Jessica (never Jessie), and I'm (not-so-secretly) a beauty product addict. I've been following blogs and youtube video posters for some time now, and then it hit me: I could do this! I SHOULD do this!

There are so many products I'm geared up to review. I can't wait. :)

I guess I'll start with an introduction of sorts....

I'm 26. I live in Orlando, FL. I grew up in Chicago, IL and Cincinnati, OH. My dad is English, and even though I never lived there myself (and only have visited twice!), I've always felt connected to the culture. I'm the older sister of an awesome 22-year-old brother. I work at Disney. I have a yorkie named Sparky who I spoil ROTTEN. I'm very impulsive and I have an addictive personality (ya think??). Other things I love: dolls (especially Barbie and Blythe), fashion, breakfast food, Hello Kitty, Target. I love books and magazines. I want to kiss whomever invented the DV-R (I work at a dinner-only restaurant).

Favorite shows, currently airing: 90210, America's Next Top Model, Law & Order: SVU, Cold Case, The Soup, How I Met Your Mother, Degrassi, Wizards of Waverly Place, Medium

Favorite shows, oldies: Saved By the Bell, Full House, Jem & the Holograms, My So-Called Life, Sex & The City

Favorite movies: The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast (when will it be released on DVD again??), Love Actually, A Christmas Story, Fried Green Tomatoes, Amelie, Clueless, Empire Records, Barbie as the Princess & the Pauper, Some Like it Hot

(I could do more, like favorite bands, favorite books... but I have sooo many!!)

And, in keeping with the theme of the blog, here's a few links to beauty-related lists I made on Kaboodle:

Some of the makeup/beauty products I regularly use.

Some products I swear by (this list is a work in progress!).

And, lastly, some products that have disappointed me.

Now maybe you can tell me some things about YOU! I'd love to hear about things you like, dislike, or just anything you'd like to get off your chest (unless it's that you think I'm a dumb blonde whore, in which case please keep it to yourself, thanks!).

So I guess that concludes my first official beauty blog post. Thanks for reading, and I'm sure you'll hear from me again soon! :)


  1. Should I be taking notes, or are you aiming at a younger audience? I'm eagerly awaiting your recommendations for holiday glitter, even if I won't wear it.

  2. I will wear the glitter, Becke. But I, too, am of a less-than-younger audience, so I'll be interested in products that are formulated to disguise some of my less-than-youngerness.

    And BARGAINS! Tell me all about bargains, Miz Jessica!

  3. I believe it's essential to get the most glitter out of life even if it's just made up of sparkly things. I'm with Keri and want advice on the products being touted for older women--I do like the less than youngerness reference. I think I'll stick with that from now on. Thanks Keri!

    But I'm also thinking this will be an awesome reference for the writer-me who needs to be aware of what the hot things younger women are using, wearing, etc.

    I am now making you my official technical expert on the 20 something fashion and makeup scene! SQUEE!

  4. I am also a Skincare Addict..I Love all Things that are "origins.Some Mac.Love Dr.Denese Skin Defense Cream spf 25 and Mac Strada Blush and my new Fave Lipstick,,Sheer,is LauraMercier Sugar Plum..I am a No heavy makeup kind of Girl.But always natural..Love your Look..And BTW Love your Mom..We are On Her Mystery.Board..She has Allowed us TO "Party Central" one of her Threads..We make sure She Has Fun,,BTW Her "Juicy Bag" was an OMG Moment for me...Take Care and Will be Back for sure..For Your BeautyConsulting..Best Susan

  5. I am Green..Enjoy NYC..with a Sephora on every Corner,, used to Love the one in Soho..Get lots of samples,you are a Beauty Blogger,,Miss..Most of all have Fun I found out That I love Laura Mercier Lipsick Sheers,but not sheer plumps too..OMG I love those Aveeno Pads Thanks...Best Susan BN Vtc Moms Friend,,,Bloomingdales redid there Whole Cosmetic Dept..Must put GPS on you and your Mom..We will Miss her...

  6. Suze - I'll have to check out those lipsticks, I've never tried them. My husband dragged us past Sephora today - told us to save it until he wasn't with us!!